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How to Choose Jewellery for Saree | Jewellery with Saree Matching

How to Choose Jewellery for Saree | Jewellery with Saree Matching

Donning a saree with confidence is not everyone's cup of tea. Do you know what adds sheer elegance with 6 yards of saree? Yes, it is wearing Jewellery with saree matching that showcases confidence and culture in one frame. However, selecting a piece of Jewellery that goes with the saree is a different challenge altogether. Sarees are worn on occasions, at traditional events, as well as in religious ceremonies and are a versatile piece of clothing. This timeless garment requires you to style it with timeless Jewellery, so let us know what you can do to elevate your look here:


Jewellery for Saree Wear: What to Wear?

Banarasi Saree:

Silk Banarasi saree and similar sarees are breathtaking, and you can elevate your look with simple jewellery to wear on saree, i.e. pair it with a diamond necklace set. You can match the gemstones or a diamond-studded necklace to the colours of the saree to add more elegance to the look. Apart from this, you can also go for Temple jewellery that goes well with silk and Banarasi saree. 

Plain Saree:

Wearing plain sarees is a style statement of its own, but what to do if you want to add some oomph factor to your look? Well, how about pairing a diamond or gem pendant necklace to balance out the simplicity? You will look good together and also will rock a simple and graceful vibe. If you want to make a bold statement, then you can also go for a choker necklace that turns people's heads with envy!

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Satin Saree:

Searching for Jewellery with saree matching is not an easy task, and when it comes to a setting saree, you certainly are looking for something that adds up to its charm. Adding pearl jewellery to a setting saree enhances the elegance and attractiveness. So, next time you have a satin saree, go for pearls that add to the beauty of the saree. 


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Saree Border:

One of the most important things while determining Jewellery for saree wear is too much it with the border of your saree. If you are wearing a Nauvaaris saree or Paithanis, then Gold Jewellery will go well with the golden border of the saree. Similarly, with sarees that have a border of Diamonds, you can always find diamond jewellery that compliments the look well. 

Georgette, Chiffon and Organza saree:

For lightweight sarees such as Georgette, Chiffon and Organza sarees, you can wear these with delicate and dainty Jewellery at the same time. Go for a light necklace and simple hoops or studs paired with delicately designed and thin bangles. If the sarees are designer, then you can also go with a first audit choker and bold blingy earrings to complete the look. 


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When you know which Jewellery to wear on a saree and what compliments the overall look, then you can drape anything with confidence. Before you select Jewellery for your saree, make sure you keep some factors in mind, such as the neckline of the blouse, the tone that you want to go for, and jewellery that enhances your natural complexion and brings the best out of you. So, with the help of this guide, rock your elegant look with confidence!