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Kerala Traditional Jewellery Names | Bridal Jewellery Designs

Kerala Traditional Jewellery Names | Bridal Jewellery Designs

Kerala is a state blessed not only with greenery but also with its Kerala traditional jewellery, which is excellent in artistic work. The jewellery is crafted with depictions of Gods and Goddesses of South India, reflecting the rich culture of India. It is a type of jewellery that is quite a rage among the new bride to make a statement in their functions.


So if you are looking for a way to invest in fabulous jewellery and make a statement every time you wear it, then

Here are some of the Kerala bridal jewellery pieces that you can rock:

Mulla Motu Necklace:

A necklace crafted well in a design like Jasmine Birds, the Mulla Motu necklace is a series of different petals shaped in Jasmine that is stranded together to form a beautiful piece of necklace which is studied with different Gems on it. This kerala bridal jewellery set comes in variations: one with plain gold Jasmine petals design and the other with buds, gemstones, and Jasmine petals. If you are looking for something simple and elegant, you should go for this piece of jewellery. 


Also popularly known as Lakshmi Mala, Kasu is a piece of jewellery in the form of a necklace crafted with different kinds of coins strength together with a design of Goddess Lakshmi. This kerala bridal jewellery gives a royal look, and the embossed figure of Goddess Lakshmi makes it more appealing. It is also known as Lakshmi Haar. This is the necklace that tops any traditional kerala jewellery designs catalogue.


Jhumki aur Jhumkis is another essential piece of kerala jewellery that is bell-shaped earrings worn by brides in Kerala. This jewellery comes in two designs, one with ear studs and the second with a dangling bell just after the stud. One of the favourite designs in Jhumkis is the temple Jhimkis worn by Kerala brides and is also famous among Indian women.



An Armlet or Bajuband studded with Rubies, Emeralds, Rose cut diamonds, and a base of gold, Vanki is quite a popular piece of jewellery in Kerala. It is usually shaped as a lotus flower petal and has different variations. One of the most popular types of variation the new bride wears is that which embosses a goddess figure in the middle of the jewellery.


A type of anklet that girls and women wear during weddings and religious ceremonies in Kerala, Kolusu is a piece of jewellery made in gold and silver. This jewellery comes in different variations, which include rubies and gemstone work.

Mang Mala:

A necklace with a shape of mango-shaped pendants, the Mang Mala necklace is a jewellery quite common and adorned in the state of Kerala due to its intriguing design and rupees and different Emerald gemstone work on it. You can wear this kerala style jewellery on a saree or heavy outfit for an elegant look.



One of the most adorned jewellery pieces, Pathakam, is a necklace with a chain and a gold pendant. When we talk about Kerala jewellery, this is the first and most famous type of jewellery that is white and popular among women across India because of its simple design and traditional look. This kerala jewellery set is made of pure gold and has a traditional design with rubies and pure gold.

Palakka Mala:

If you like your jewellery to be green, then Palakka Mala is perfect for you too much with your bridal outfit. This jewellery has a leaf type of necklace design that imitates greenstones and may even include Emeralds. The jewellery has a strong resemblance to that of a leaf on the border of the necklace.


Elakkathali is another meaningful piece of jewellery of Kerala bridal wear. It is different from other necklaces as it is a joker necklace that is quite have been and has an intricate design. It is gold jewellery and is quite famous among womens for its exquisite Kerala jewellery designs. Women wear it in religious ceremonies and festivals.

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Previously kerala wedding jewellery was all about crafting it by hand, from the mould to filling and finishing the jewellery. But in recent times, as per modern technology, styles of jewellery making have also started, so instead of handwork, people have opted for machine work, so the time taken to craft the jewellery has reduced, and it has also helped to enhance and to introduce the other styles of Temple jewellery. By adding this element, it has become more intriguing. So if you want a different piece of jewelry that makes a statement, you can surely go for traditional Kerala jewellery!


  • To make Terracotta clay jewellery, you need to have clay break down into pieces and sprinkle water to mould. After that, you need to make the clay cutting die, and you can also use 3D printed clay mode to cut the design. You can keep the mold on the clay, cut it as per the design, and make a small design using a brush and needle.
  • After cutting the design, you need to dry out the clay designs. You need to prepare charcoal and bake the Terracotta pieces in it. After about a while, let it cool down and clean the Terracotta taken out from the charcoal.
  • After these pieces cool down, you need to send the edges and layer the designs together to make a jewellery piece and colour it later. After completing it, you can add an extension chain to complete the jewellery.

The Kerala traditional jewellery includes kaasu mala, Lakshmi kadas, maanga maala, and other jewellery.

Some traditional jewellery names are Kasu Mala, Cheruthali (Thalikoottam), Palakka Mala, Karimani Mala, Manga Mala, Addiyal, Kashali,  Jhimki, and more.

If you want to arrange kerala wedding jewellery for your wedding event or any other function, you can shop it online, as there won't be many options available in your local market.