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How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

First of all, congratulations on the new beginning of your life! Now that you have decided to buy an engagement ring, you may find it crazy and confusing to go through so many options to find a " perfect " ring just like your love. With so many options available, it becomes overwhelming to choose one!


Well, Relax. Whether you are looking for a ring together or want to surprise the love of your life with a perfect ring, we are here to guide you. So let's get started without much ado:

It's All About The Shape:

The first thing you need to do when buying the engagement ring you want. Why so? Well, she has a different prize per carat.

For example, in comparison to other shapes, round cuts are more expensive than pear and marquise. Before you buy your Ring, have a form in your mind about what you want to purchase and also know about the shape of the ring.

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Decide the Carat Size:

Every girl wants the big carat size ring on her finger. It is all about quality versus quantity as some people go for a White stone instead of a larger one while some want their Diamond to be more transparent than the carat count.

If you look at the big picture, it is best to get an ideal carat size in your mind that fits your budget before buying one, as size does matter when it comes to engagement rings.

Go for a diamond that is light in weight so that it can fit into your budget.


The Band's Metal:

It may not look like an important thing to focus on, but the metal of your ring band does matter, as there are different kinds of metals to choose from, such as gold and Platinum, that are more expensive than other metals.

But most metals are not the same due to their "scratch" resistance. Decide on a metal considering your budget and Lifestyle so that half of your work is already done before buying anything.

Don't follow The Trend. Go for "Unique":

People have followed them blindly since celebs started to go on a diamond ring spree. You should refrain from pursuing any trend and focus more on timeless and classic jewellery instead of trendy ones.

Of course, Diamond does Dazzle, but if you want to add something unique and meaningful to your special day, choose something as unique as your love.

So what to choose apart from a Diamond ring?

Many great options, such as Natural Alexandrite rings, Teal Sapphire ring, and more, add more meaning and value to your engagement ring.

Setting Style that Speaks Your Style:

Have a ring setting style before buying one, as the ring setting will determine how your Diamond or stone will be mounted so that it matches perfectly to your personality and personal taste.

If you need help determining what ring setting style looks better, go for a simple Solitaire setting, as it is one of the most elegant settings that hold different types of stones and is accommodating to any budget.

Find Your Ring Size:

No matter how beautiful your Ring is, it is not perfect if it doesn't fit on your finger perfectly. This is why you should find out your ring size before buying one.

To find the right size of your partner's finger, draw the circumference of the inside and outside of the Ring to have the right idea of the ring size.

You can identify the size; this way, you can surprise your partner with the perfect engagement ring without revealing anything about the preparation.

Buy from a Genuine Store:

So many stores always claim to be Genuine, but are they? As per statics, half of them are not selling your half of "genuine" as they portray!

Instead of going for a local Jeweler is best to go for a reputed one so that you can be sure that you are getting authentic and original stone instead of a lab-made. After all, it is your hard-earned money!


Now that you have an ideal knowledge of the engagement ring that you need to buy for your partner, you can now by one and make sure that it is perfect for your most memorable day.

A ring is an eternal symbol of the commitment and love you are making with your partner, so find the one that portrays your feeling.

Surprise your partner with the Ring that will make them feel how you truly feel special and show them how much you adore them!