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Hey people, justifying our name, thetechytalks here we talk about all the tech junk that you care about. Having acknowledged the importance of technology in the 21st century, we aim at providing the techytalkers with the most informative pieces of writing on all the latest technological sensations that a sophisticated user would like to know before actually falling for that particular product, service or invention. By the term technology, we don’t refrain our content to the latest electronic products or a software update.

We, thetechytalks help you keep an eye on all the essentials and the luxuries that build the majority of your lifestyle. We are likely to provide you with a compilation of the best tech gadgets, daily life appliances and other lifestyle products.

You’ll get to see a post about what to wear on a date night and the next one could be about the best headphone available on the best selling e-commerce website on which you can listen to the romantic songs that best describe your evening, and the very next can be about a gardening tool. So you see, like the stars, the sky is the limit here. Don’t be surprised if we have an article on the stars too. I hereby invite you to take a walk with me to explore the best of everything by clicking and talking about the topics, you’d like to be aware of.

Our Objectives:

We seek to transform our little but aspiring platform “thetechytalks” into a cult where all the techytalkers get to read and know about everything that they are looking for earlier.

While making sure our visitors get access to the desired information, at a couple of clicks only, we maintain the relevance rate to be 100%. Thetechytalks is meant to set a precedent where plagiarism is a sin. Ctrl+C, ctrl+V keys are taboo for our content writers. We also pledge to keep our prejudices away from the facts while reviewing a particular technical gadget or home appliance. To make the website easy to navigate and hassle-free.

About the Founder:

An English professor who started growing interest in content writing while she, herself was looking for products online and thought of using her proficiency in various subjects and her eloquence in the language. She started as a freelancer, worked for several tech giants irrespective of the field whether they were technical pieces or non-technical niches. Over a period of two years, she has written over a few hundred articles about many different topics. Ultimately she gave a thought of utilizing her versatile understanding of technical and non-technical subjects and that’s how thetechytalks came to existence. The professor along with her team is now providing her visitors “thetechytalkers”,( yeah that’s what she likes to call you guys, who are no less than a family to her,) with the best of digital understanding, reviews, how-to articles and whatnot.

All the information on this website is given for educational purposes only. We do not claim any of the facts and figures mentioned here.