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Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute In India

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Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute In India

With the Digital Crime Rate increasing in India, the rise of Ethical Hacking courses is also at its peak. With digitalization picking up express in India, the crime rates also are increasing, and that is why there is a need for Ethical hackers to increase security measures and protect important information from attackers. If you are someone who is interested in ethical hacking, then are several institutes where you can enroll to learn the field deeply. Are you still wondering which institutes you should apply to? If so, then we are here with a list of the best ethical hacking institute in India where you can understand and learn about the concept of ethical hacking:


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Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute in India

Indian School of Ethical Hacking:

An institute that is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, the Indian School of Ethical Hacking offers several ethical hacking courses that include Web Application Penetration testing, Network Penetration testing, and Android Application Penetration testing. It is one of the most popular and top names as the best Ethical Hacking Institute in India, as the institute has been a hub for people looking to build a successful career in the domain. Apart from the courses we have mentioned here, there are several other courses that are offered by this institution.

Extreme Hacking Institute:

Located in the beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra, Extreme Hacking Institute is another prominent name as the Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India that offers two sets of courses wherein the first set is approved by the UGC while the other one is private. The courses offered by this Institute are Diploma in Cyber Security, Advance Diploma in Cyber Security, and Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security.


Indian Cyber Security Solutions:

Another gem from Kolkata, Indian Cyber Security Solutions, an ISO-certified company, is indeed a mention-worthy name as a Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute in India. The institute is known for providing several cyber security courses, such as Network Security and Web Applications security. Apart from that, some of the other courses that the institute provides are on Advance Python for Penetration Testers, Malware Analysis, CEH V9, Reverse Engineering, and more.


Another significant name in the list of Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute in India is infySEC which is located in Chennai. The institute is known for offering several Ethical Hacking Courses, such as Certified Ethical Cracker, Network Packet Analysis, and Advance Web Application Penetration Testing. The institute boasts a team of highly qualified experts and trainers that are sure to guide students in the Certified Ethical hacking domain.

Hacker School:

Located in Hyderabad, Hacker Schol is an institute well-known for its extensive curriculum, which covers everything from ethical hacking principles to advanced penetration testing techniques. Their instructors are subject matter specialists who provide hands-on instruction to ensure that students have actual knowledge of the subject. Hacker School, the Best Ethical Hacking Institute In India, is known for its placement program to help students find work after they finish their studies.


Red Team Hacker Academy:

The Red Team Hacker Academy in Kochi is up next in the list of the Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute In India. This institute provides a variety of cybersecurity courses, such as ethical hacking, network security, and digital forensics. They feature cutting-edge labs and equipment to provide students with hands-on instruction. Red Team Hacker Academy also has partnerships with various firms, which means that students can apply for jobs through their network of industry partners.

Indian School of Hacking:

Another institute that deserves mention on this list is the Indian School of Hacking in Delhi. This institute has created several successful ethical hackers who are now employed in top firms, thanks to competent educators and a focus on practical instruction. They provide a variety of courses, such as online application security, network security, and mobile application security. If you are looking for the Best Ethical Hacking Institute In India to learn deeply about Cybersecurity, then you can count on this institution for an in-depth understanding of the field.

Besant Technologies:

Located in the tech city of India, another institute that provides outstanding ethical hacking training is Besant Technologies in Bangalore. Their program is tailored to the needs of the industry and includes topics like penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and network security. Besant Technologies also provides online training for people who are unable to attend in-person seminars. This is especially a vital point for those who cannot take classes offline so they can learn about the fields through online programs.

International College for Security Studies:

The International College for Security Studies in New Delhi is one of the country's oldest institutions that offer ethical hacking training. They provide basic to high-level courses and have professional trainers that provide practical training to their pupils. It is the Best Ethical Hacking Institute In India that also has affiliations with overseas universities, giving students access to global work prospects. So if you are looking for the oldest and the best institute in this domain, then you can definitely count on International College for Security Studies.

Zybeak Technologies:

Zybeak Technologies in Chennai is last but not least in the Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute In India. This institute provides a thorough curriculum that covers all areas of ethical hacking, such as online application security, network security, and digital forensics. They also aid students with job placement and have relationships with various companies in the industry. So you can get a thorough understanding of the Ethical Hacking field here.

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With so many alternatives accessible, selecting the finest ethical hacking institute might be a daunting undertaking. However, the ten institutes listed above have proven to be among the best in India. These institutes provide a wonderful opportunity for anyone wishing to start a career in ethical hacking, thanks to their comprehensive curriculums, competent teachers, and practical training techniques. Select the Best Ethical Hacking Institute In India as per the location, subject, and budgetary preferences and start your career in the field now!