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List of Cyber Security Companies in Bangalore

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List of Cyber Security Companies in Bangalore

Cyber security is a major concern for any business today as with the reach of the internet, the problem of cyber attacks also keeps increasing. The fear of getting attacked or hacked for data and information is always there in any individual or organization. That is why there is a need for cyber security companies to safeguard themselves from such malicious threats. Bangalore is a place of tech and is gifted with some of the best Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore. But which one to select among so many? Not sure? Worry not, as we are here with a list of companies that you can look for jobs or hire to keep your firm safe from cyber threats:


List of Cyber security companies in Bangalore:

JDV Technologies Pvt Ltd

Cloud consulting company that was founded in the year 2018, JDV Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the prestigious Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore. The company loan for delivery of custom software development, as well as End to End and IT services, and also focus on difficult transfer machine Technology Services. The company has made its name with comprehensive cloud services, consultation disaster recovery, and similar services to its huge clientele.


If you are a fresher in cyber security and want to start with a firm that is quite reputed, then you can think about Ziroh, A firm that is known for offering practical homomorphic cryptography Technology for Cloud computing to its huge clientele. It is cyber security companies in Bangalore for freshers that offer exposure to exceptional service in Cryptography Technology which is quite helpful in reducing the risk of data breaching and also helps in improving the convenience of operation. So if you are looking to hire someone for cloud computing or want to have a job experience regarding it, then this is the place you should be.


A company that is known for providing simplified and affordable cyber security services by developing comprehensive security scanning saas for debugging exposed servers, smart contract audits, web and AWS cloud compliance issues, and more, DeTaSECURE is among one of the top cyber security companies in Bangalore. It was founded in the year 2021 and offered a V-CISO program which is known to offer end-to-end security to the companies.



Another significant name in the cloud computing field, SkureCloud, was established in 2023 and offers an agentless platform for connecting the public cloud to monitor, identify, remediation, and alert the security gaps which may lead to compliance risk and cloud vulnerabilities. The company also offers hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments to the clients to create a holistic view to remove malicious attackers by employing security policies.

Adya Inc

Adya, the top SaaS data security platform, was established in 2018 and is revolutionizing the way businesses safeguard their priceless data. Businesses must implement strong security measures since cyber threats are becoming more prevalent. With Adya, businesses can protect their confidential data against employee theft and the rising threat of ransomware attacks, which have affected more than 70% of businesses.


After being established in 2015, CloudSEK has become one of the Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore. CloudSEK has made a name for itself in the market as a pioneer by placing a significant emphasis on innovation and cutting-edge technology. The machine learning models that CloudSEK uses to differentiate itself from its rivals are based on its own proprietary datasets that have been painstakingly constructed over the course of four years. These datasets provide a solid foundation for the machine learning algorithms used by CloudSEK, allowing them to identify and counteract cyber attacks with unprecedented precision and effectiveness.



When talking about reputed security companies in Bangalore, we cannot forget to mention Offenselogic, a company that offered all required cyber security components and was established in the year 2022. It is a well-known name, and it comes to offering compliance audit services, SOC, AND SIEM.

Benam. me

One of the mention-worthy names in the list of Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore, cyber security company that has been launched in the year 2022. The companies are known for offering cyber security services to offer users to remain private without worry about data theft. The company goes beyond just detection and protection; it empowers companies to have complete visibility into where their most crucial data resides.

xIoTz eXtended

xIoTz eXtended Operation Centre, one of the top cyber security firms in India, stands out for its cutting-edge methodology and all-encompassing solutions. The platform, which was established in 2018, combines the strength of the NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA), the Security Operation Centre (SOC), the Threat Operation Centre (TOC), and the Network Operation Centre (NOC) into a single, centralized dashboard. For companies looking for Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore, this single pane of glass offers unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency.


Last but not least, One of the top cyber security companies in Bangalore, Algomox Pvt Ltd, markets itself as a high-end, value-added software provider. Algomox, a company renowned for its creative thinking, supports businesses in accelerating their artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) transformation. Algomox supports ITOps teams in lowering the cost of IT operations while helping them to make smarter decisions more quickly, thanks to a patent-pending technology incorporated into their platform.

Algomox has made a strong case for itself as a tempting option for companies wishing to improve their security measures and optimize their IT operations by fusing their knowledge in cyber security and software development. Numerous organizations in India and beyond regard them as trusted partners because of their dedication to excellence and cutting-edge solutions.

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In a world where attackers are always ready to attack, the need for hiring a reputed service to help you out in keeping your data and information secure is quite vital. So if you are looking for a reliable cybersecurity service, then you can scroll through the Cybersecurity Companies in Bangalore that we have mentioned here and select the one that it's in your budget and preferences. Apart from that, these are also some reputed companies where you can start as a fresher new into the field of cyber security.