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Why Was the Twentieth Century Called the Era of the Book?

Why Was the Twentieth Century Called the Era of the Book?

The 20th century was famously known as the "Era of the Books," as in those days, there were books on almost everything, starting from Anteaters to Zulus. This book taught the people " when you," how to," Why to, "and "where to." The books are punctured, educated, illustrated, and even decorated.


What are the guesses that are made by Think-Tank regarding the books found on Earth?

Think-Tank thought of the books as sandwiches at first, and then he called them communication devices. Later, I thought of them as some kind of eye communication devices that had to be devices monitored.

Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank, yet he manages to correct his mistakes. How do Noodles manage to do that?

Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank while correcting his mistake, as each time he thinks that Think-Tank is wrong, he presents his own thought in front of him, saying that these are some insignificant pieces of data that are in his head while adulating him first. By doing so, he lets Think-Tank know that he isn't right and doesn't make him feel that he is being corrected by Noodle.

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Do you think that books are being replaced nowadays by electronic media? Can we do away with them altogether?

Yes, books are being replaced by electronic media as there is an emergence of digitalization. Nowadays, we have online classes and ebooks that don't require paperback books.


No, we cannot do away with books altogether as though we have an attendance seat to move towards the electronic media, yet books have their own importance in our life. There are seven people in the world who love to read books and feel satisfied after reading a book while holding it in their hands and turning the pages, which is indeed a whole different experience than ebooks, which cannot replace books.

Why are books often referred to as the man's best companion? Which is your favorite book and why? Write down a paragraph about the book you like.

Books are rightly referred to as the best companion of man because they are always there and never leave us alone. Books make us informed people; they inspire us, guide us, instruct us, and at times also make us laugh.

My favorite book is " My Experiments with Truth" which was written by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The reason why this is my favorite book is that it is easy to understand and tells about the life of the great man who helps us in getting freedom from the Britishers. It is a book that covers different interesting incidents and moral lessons. In this autobiography, Mahatma Gandhi lets know about the story of King Harishchandra and Shravan Kumar and how they influenced him in life. It is a great book that is eye-opening to read about how Mahatma Gandhi, with his frail body, fought against social issues such as racial discrimination and untouchability. The language used here in the book by Bapu is quite simple.


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