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Why is Educated Unemployed a Peculiar Problem of India

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Why is Educated Unemployed a Peculiar Problem of India

Educated unemployment is one of the most peculiar problems in India as


  • It leads to youth getting distracted into unlawful activities
  • It can lead to economic and socio-political disturbance in the country
  • It can lead to the overall wastage of capable human resources and the resources that are spent on them.
  • Due to the lack of opportunities, the unemployed youth may not be able to find a job for long periods. It leads to a feeling of depression among them which is quite alarming.

One of the major reasons for the can be seen unemployment issue in the countries because the growth of the service sector as well as the industrial sector, and these sectors have failed to provide ample employment opportunities to the youth of India. If all the educated human potential is put to use by the country, then it can really help in boosting the overall growth of the country.

What is the problem of educated unemployed used in the urban areas of the country?

Educated unemployed people in the rural area are not able to find a job. Some of the issues  are:

  • Youth who have completed matriculation, graduation, and post-graduation degrees are not able to find employment.
  • Even with technically qualified people, there are no employment opportunities; on the other hand, as a scarcity of technical skills.
  • In some departments, there is an ability of too much manpower, while on the other hand, there is a shortage of manpower.

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What are the reasons why is educated unemployed a peculiar problem in India?

The unemployment problem is quite a big problem in India, and their several reasons for the unemployment problem:


  • One major problem is that departments are categories. There is too much supply of manpower while, on the other hand, there is a shortage of manpower in some categories.
  • The educated youth of India prefer to go for a white-collar job and doesn't want to focus on being self-employed, which is why it is leading to the rise of unemployed graduates.
  • One primary reason is that there is a poor rate of growth in the service as well as the industrial sector in India.
  • Unemployment rises in the technical field as there is a demand for technical skills, but technically qualified people do not get jobs because of these technical skills. The improvement in this sector is quite necessary when it comes to the economic growth of the country.

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What does employment mean?

Unemployment refers to the situation wherein a person searching for a job is unable to find any. It is believed too indicate  the overall growth of the country’s economy. Here are some types of Unemployment:

Open Unemployment:

Open Unemployment is a situation in which people are willing to work but can't as there is no job availability.


Educated yet Unemployed:

Educated Unemployment is a situation that has become a common phenomenon in a country and is no stranger to India. Youths, even after completing all degrees, are not able to get employed.