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What is The Role of Education in Human Capital Formation

What is The Role of Education in Human Capital Formation

An insight on Education in Human Capital Formation

  1. What is the role of Education in human capital formation in points?

Education's role in human capital formation is quite integral, and here are some points to  know about its role:


  • An educated society tends to facilitate better development programs and an illiterate society.
  • It also improves prosperity and productivity when it comes to life experience and also improves life.
  • It also improves the cultural richness as well as national income.
  • An educated society contributes towards the growth of the people in the society and develops the society as a whole during the process.
  1. What is the role of Education in human capital formation? (Essay Type)

Human capital is all about measuring educational quality, capabilities, and characteristics of the labor force in a country that influences their productivity as well as earning capability or potential. It is quantified by defining gross human capital and national academic standards. This means that the function of Education in human capital is integral and cannot be overstated. Education plays an important role in the overall expansion and growth of human society and is directly related to the overall development of humanity and society. Education helps enrich the life experience and increase the growth of countries economy and is the best way to acquire any kind of information about anything, which can be directly applied to life for an individual's intellectual growth.

The role of Education in human capital formation:

  • In terms of the important role in molding a country's economy, human capital plays a major role as it is known for solving unemployment matters. Any country and employer would look for a place with decent human capital in comparison to a below-average one. It helps mold one's job career and solve the country's unemployment problem.
  • than that, it is also essential to enhance the employment standard. People with great human capital can create employment opportunities for themselves as they get highly creative and competent Jobs that make a good stage for self-employment. It is helpful for individuals to permit getting more capable job roles.
  • Apart from that, human capital has an important role in boosting the economic stance and productivity of the country. It is responsible for developing a country's economy as a place with a hard-working, skilled, and creative workspace that will help boost the nation's overall productivity and aid in economic development.
  • Lastly, it also helps during the migration of skilled workforce as due to globalization, several individuals and professionals migrate to other countries to get higher income which can have a negative impact on any country's development as it might bring loss to human resources, Allied as well as the workforce. However, if the quality of human resources increases with the help of improving the quality of human capital, then it can help reduce worker migration.

So, it is right to say that Education does play an important role in Human Capital, an individual's life, and the overall development of the country. Read also: Top 10 National Parks in India