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Top 10 National Parks in India with their States and Images

Top 10 National Parks in India with their States and Images

Want to escape in the wilderness and are searching top 10 national parks in India? Well, it is indeed a great plan to take a break from busy life and Dwell in the fascinating wildlife Safari and animals. Learning about the Undomesticated wildlife is a great opportunity to learn about the animals in their natural habitat and some endangered species and varieties of birds that you can only learn about in these national parks.


If you are into wildlife nature and bird sightings, then these are the top 10 national parks in India with their location  that can be your next destination for a peaceful little adventure with wildlife animals:

Top 10 National Parks in India with their States & Images-

Corbett National Park:

Talking about the top 10 national parks in India list and make a note forget to mention the one at the top of the list, the Corbett National Park. Earlier, it was known as Hailey National Park and is known for its tigers and other wild species. This oldest Park in the country was established in 1936 to protect the Bengal tigers and has been named after the famous Hunter cum British officer Jim Corbett.

You can expect a lot from this beautiful and wild Park as it has been a ground for several adventurous Safari. You can go for a safari on the five Safari zones named Dhilana, Bijrani, Jhirna, Durga Devi, and Dhela. It also consists of the buffering zone known as Pakhru and Sonanadi. In this Park, several documentaries on my life have been produced in India.

Kaziranga National Park:

You may have heard about the treasure of Assam Kaziranga National Park. It is one of India's most famous parks, among the top 10 biggest national parks in India, because it is the only Park with the natural habitat of the one-horned rhino, an endangered species. This Park also habitats other wild animals such as elephants, buffaloes, and birds. The beauty of this Park is one of a kind as it is situated at the banks of the river Brahmaputra, so you can even explore the area with both Safari and take an elephant ride to explore Park.


Ranthambore National Park:

One of India's most famous national parks, Ranthambore National Park, harbors Majestic Tigers and other wild animals. Apart from its Majestic beauty, the Park also has a cultural and rich history as this Park was built around the 10th century and had a tremendous strategic position Among many rulers. It is a park surrounded by the river Chambal and Banas and known for its padum Talao and Ranthambore Fort.

Sundarbans National Park:

Regarding the National parks in India top 10, we must mention Park that harbors the famous Royal Bengal Tiger- Sundarbans National Park. It is located in the mangrove forests, and you can even reach the Park by boat to get a good view of the picturesque beauty surrounding the Sundarbans. If you want to stay in this beautiful Park, you can stay near the villages nearby and even get a houseboat stay for yourself.

Periyar National Park:

Located in the state with abundant nature, Kerala, Periyar National Park is in the Western Ghats of South India, with an artificial lake flowing throughout the forest. It is a wildlife sanctuary known for its tourism, beauty, and herbs Tiger Reserves.


 If you are up for an adventure, you can take a jeep Safari throughout the National Park and a Boat Ride to the artificial lake, the only artificial lake in any National Park in India. And if you want to do something more enthralling, you can go around the Periyar national park and enjoy an elephant safari, boat Cruise, and Tiger trailing. To extend your adventure, you can go to cardamom Hills near the Periyar National Park.

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary:

A Wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat home to different kinds of birds, Nillgai Sambhar Deer, Leopards, and Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat is known for its Asiatic Lions. The place also harbors different bird species, such as flamingos, woodpeckers, and others species, making it a perfect work for anyone who loves bird watching. The Park is at its peak beauty from October to June.

Valley of Flowers National Park Uttarakhand:

A  Paradise in Uttarakhand that is too beautiful to be true, the valley of flowers national Park of Uttarakhand is a lovely experience you will never forget. As the name suggests, this Park in Uttarakhand has different varieties of flowers that bloom in the monsoon season as well as the late spring making. It must be a visiting place among nature lovers.

In this National Park, you can reach by tracking to the Park, where you will find a beautiful mountain surrounded by 300 varieties of flowers draping the backdrop of the mountain. Isn't it a sight to see? If you plan to visit one of the top 10 national parks in India, then visit this place. Ensure you visit it between April and September to get the most out of the experience.

Hemis National Park:

A wildlife sanctuary in Ladakh that harbors several species of domesticated animals is sure something you would consider a trait to watch. Hemis National Park redefines wildlife in a different altitude and is one of the Largest National Parks in India. This National Park not only harbors wildlife pieces but also is a treat to nature lovers as this place has beautiful landscape use that will stay forever in your memories. Before going there, you only need to know that you may have to load the whole Park on foot as no vehicles are allowed, but for a beautiful landscape site covered with snow, you can walk a little, right?

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Taking a break from your regular busy life and going on a wildlife exploration is something that you can consider returning to nature and connecting to yourself. And what can be the best option to explore wildlife than going to a wildlife National Park? Now that you know about the top 10 national parks in India, why don't you plan a short little trip to nature?

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