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Top 10 Places to visit in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Top 10 Places to visit in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Have two days in your hand, wondering what to do with it? How about we tell you about some of the top places to visit in Panchmarhi? Wondering where is it located? Well, this scenic and serene place is situated in the beautiful state of Madhya Pradesh. For decades Panchmarhi has been a favorite place for people looking to dive into the beauty of nature. But what is so best about this place? This scenic place has fascinating silvery waterfalls, mysterious caves, old temples, and more. Getting interested?


Well, if you are, then here are for top 10 places that you can visit during your vacation in Panchmarhi:

The Bee Falls:

No bees don't fall from the waterfall! Berfalls is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and scenic waterfalls you may ever see. It is also known as Jamuna Prapat. It is one of the best places to visit in Panchmarhi as it is known to locals and tourists for being a picnic spot. If you are up for a swimming session, you can do it in this beautiful waterfall with the luxuriant valley surrounding it, leaving you awe-struck by its beauty.

Pandava Caves:

A cave with a backdrop of the breathtaking Satpura ranges, Pandava cave is said to be the shelter of the five Pandavas during their period of Exile. It is a cave that has a group of five cut Buddhist temples and has some mythological legends surrounding it. The best part of these caves is the intricate carvings and sculptures. So if you want to know about Buddhist temples and mythology, this is where you should be.


The famous Dhoopgarh, also known as Harvasta Kot, is a fantastic spot near the Pachmarhi. Being one of the highest points in the Satpura mountain ranges, it has some of the most breathtaking views you can ever witness. It is one of the most recommended places in Panchmarh because of its photogenic sunset and sunrise. You can also do that on the hilltop here if you want to trek.


Mahadeo Hills:

Panchmarhi is blessed with scenic beauty, and a place that adds to the beauty is the peaceful and relaxing Mahadeo Hills, which is the right choice for anyone looking for a break amid nature. If you have two days and want to visit the best places in Pachmarhi in 2 days, then this one is the right choice for you. It also has a Shiva temple and natural caves that adds more to the exploration part of your vacation.

Satpura National Park:

If you are nearby the Satpura range, remember to visit the Satpura National Park, which is the liveliest place for mentioning Pachmarhi. It is a huge National Park with 200 and 2 square miles, with some exotic flora and fauna and a Denmar river landscape boasting Bel, Mahua, Tendu, Sal, and Teak. You can go for a safari and witness tigers, elephants, spotted deer, bison,  leopards, slot bear four-horned antelopes, and other migratory birds. Among the best places to visit in Pachmarhi, this one will undoubtedly be your favorite one.

Chieftain's Cave:

If you love prehistoric paintings, Rock paintings at the Chieftain's Cave are your calling. One of the most popular and best places to visit in Panchmari is surrounded by rocks and is set amidst the deforest, which adds to the overall adventure of exploring the place. Here you can find several drawings of the stone age and animal hunting that will surely amaze you.


Priyadarshini Point:

Also known as the Forsyth Point because Captain Forsyth visited it for the first time in 1857, Priyadarshini Point is a hit among nature lovers as it is surrounded by clouds and mist, making it a sight to behold. It is not just seen as beautiful but the challenging 400 m trek that makes the adventure seekers reach the place for a little thrill.

Bison Lodge Museum:

Once a British residence, Bison Lodge Museum is definitely one of the best places in Pachmarhi. The reason behind it is that it was a residence of Captain Forsyth, who visited the place in 1857 and then settled with his troop. Later on, it was turned into a lodge and has become a famous place among tourists visiting the beautiful Satpura Hills. It also has a museum that is worth a visit!


A place that is only 6 km away from Pachmarhi, Reechgarh is a fascinating place that looks like a natural cavern with an opening at both sides. If you want to visit this place, you can enter through the cave, and to exit, you need to pass through a narrow canyon. If you are up for a challenge, this is one of the most exciting places to visit in Panchmarhi.

Chauragarh Temple:

Everyone now and then needs to find the place that brings them peace, and a place that can do that is the Chauragarh Temple, situated on the hilltop and dedicated to the lord Shiva. It is a place with a natural pond and a Dharamshala. To reach there, you need to climb about 1300 steps. It is a beautiful temple surrounded by breathtaking views of Hills and verdant valleys.

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Pachmarhi is a place in Madhya Pradesh that is not only blessed with flora and fauna but has some of the most beautiful views you can ever witness. The places we have mentioned here are only a few, as a dozen more could be included here. So next time you think about visiting Panchmarhi, remember to go to the list of places to visit in Panchmarhi that we have mentioned here. So pack your bags and start the voyage!