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Nagari Hills: A Week-long escape in the abode of nature information, Images and Map

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Nagari Hills: A Week-long escape in the abode of nature information, Images and Map

Located in the north of Nagari town in the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh, Nagari Hills is a circular mountain range known for its scenic beauty and has been an Ultimate place for hikers. The high and mellowest point of the Nagari Hills is a key attraction for several tourist visitors. Let us know more about these beautiful hills here:


Where are the Nagari Hills:

Also known as the "Nagari Nose", located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and has an altitude of 1050 m. It is known as the Nagari nose because it has a human nose-type form and can be seen from the Lighthouse of Chennai. The Cliff of Nagari Hills is 7 km north of Nagari and is popularly known as Nagari Murkonda.

 In medieval times, the Nagari nose was an important lighthouse used to navigate the Bay of Bengal as it was a Landmark serving for the ships to know that they were touching Chennai. It is a place with a pleasant temperature of 32 degrees Celsius to a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius. Nagari Hills has a humid climate and is windy with moderate rain. If you are up for trekking and hiking, be sure to do the activities with utmost safety, as the hills may be slippery during rain.

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Here are some of the Nagari hills images for you to enjoy:

Nagari hills


Nagari Hills on Map:

If we talk about the destination near Nagari Hills and about the map, you can have an idea of places that you can visit from this place, and there are plenty of options for you to explore more about this place. You can visit the Tirupati area from Nagari Hills, as it is only 69 km away from the hills.

From the hills, Chennai is 104 km away, while Kanchipuram is the same distance from the Hills. Chittoor, which is only 106 km away from this Hill, is also a great place to visit if you want to explore more than you can visit Vellore Mahabalipuram, Horsley Hills and Yelgara in between the kilometre radius of 140 km to 250 km.

What are the major attractions in Nagari hills?

Kailasakona Falls:

In the Nagari Valley, Andhra Pradesh, there is a perennial waterfall called the Kailasa Kona Falls. This perennial waterfall has a total height of 30 M and is said to be originated from a split rock which is indeed beautiful, adding more to the beauty of the Nagari Hills. But this waterfall is also known for its medicinal properties as this water is believed to have different minerals that can help skin and eye disease. Apart from its selling beauty and regional benefit, this place also has religious importance as there is a temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati near the waterfall.


TTD Gardens:

For the nature lover, there are 480 acres of Land in Tirumala Tirupati Devashanthanam with great landscape views and multiple flowers. In this Garden, about 10 lakh plans are early propagated, and you can see the hybridised and mutated plants while visiting this Garden. It is a garden that fully faces the demand for flowers for decorating and offering Pooja in temples in Tirumala and Tirupati. The garden habitats several tanks and Ponds and has an irrigation source of a perennial water supply for the devotees willing to visit the Tirumala temple.

Papavinasam Theertham

A sacred waterfall only 2 miles from the Tirumala temple, Papavinasam Theertham, must be visited when you go to Nagara hills. This waterfall has a sacred place in the religion as it is said to wash away all the evils and sins. So, every year, people come to this waterfall to bathe at the sacred waterfall. Several facilities are available, such as separate dressing rooms for men and women. It has a Reservoir in the dam that restricts the overall flow of the water.

When to visit Nagari Hills:

Nagari Hills is known as the highest Cliff. The best time to visit this beautiful Hill is around October to February, as this place becomes best for natural sightseeing photography and adventure. It is a great picnic spot known for tracking; one can even stay nearby as the accommodation is available easily.

How to Reach Nagari Hills:

By Train:

You can reach Nagari Hills by train at Srikalahasti railway station nearby. The Hills are only 37.23 km away from your destination. Apart from this junction are two other Junction Renigunta Junction Railway Station, 55 km away and Tirupathi main railway station, 68 km away.


By Airport:

If you plan a flight trip to Nagari, it is also convenient for you as the nearest airport to the hills is Tirupati airport, which is 55.36 km away. Far from this airport, there are two other airports from which you can reach the Nagari Hills: Chennai International Airport, which is 110 km away, and the other one is Pondicherry airport, which is 224 km away.


A trip to Nagari Hills will be a memorable event for anyone who is a nature adventurer and ardent lover of scenic beauty. It is a place that harbours different waterfalls, temples, and Gardens and is a great place for Mountaineering activities such as hiking and trekking. So if you are up for an adventurous and memorable trip, plan a short trip to Nagari Hills and enjoy a great time of your life in the bliss of nature.


One can easily travel from Nagari Hills to Chennai. There are Train stations and airports connected to the nearby towns. You can get here by train as there are three stations: Srikalahasti railway station,  Junction Renigunta Junction Railway Station and Tirupati main railway station. If you want to book a flight, you can reach here via three airport options: Tirupati airport,  Chennai International Airport and Pondicherry airport.

Nagar Hills is located in the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh.