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Muffle Furnace: Uses, Principle, Price and Specifications

Muffle Furnace: Uses, Principle, Price and Specifications

When it comes to an essential component of any industry, then the use of several apparatus is one of the main among them. One such apparatus that plays a vital role in maintaining the functionality of any industry is a Muffle Furnace. If you are not familiar with the apparatus, then don't worry, as we are here to share with you all the details regarding this device:


Muffle Furnace: What is it?

Muffle Furnace is a device that was originally created to employ and suitable environment for the overall process of materials that are heated up to high temperatures. The process of heating the materials is quite familiar in different industries such as metal working class manufacturing and so on. That is the reason why a muffle furnace is quite helpful in industries, as it is useful in heating such materials at high temperatures while keeping them contained and fully isolated from any kind of external chemicals, substances and contaminants. Thus resulting in a safer environment for the people working in the industry without causing any work injury.

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Muffle Furnace Price:

As we know, the muffle furnace is quite important for several industries; then it is quite a given that the price of this device is quite high in the market. However, if we put an average of the device, then it may cost somewhere between INR 20000 to INR 50000, depending on the different kinds of features and brand one chooses.


Muffle Furnace: Specifications and Benefits

Here are some of the specifications of the Muffle Furnace for you to know:

  • These are useful in producing different kinds of metal products such as stainless steel, copper, and low carbon Steel and are made from heat-resistant material that is made with thermal conductivity allowing the chamber to reach the desired temperature.
  • These devices have stoves with an Interior chamber that is known for housing and processing different kinds of materials.


  • These devices are best for the thermal processing of component parts, and samples were taken in high vacuum in several industries.
  • These are easy to use, cost-effective and is one of the most important devices in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and electronics for testing purpose.

Working Principle of Muffle Furnace:

A muffle furnace is a device that helps different kinds of components, such as electric control system, a heating chamber that is installed along with heat resistance and an insulation box. With the help of electricity, the heat resistance is increased, and the temperature that is inside the heating chamber increases for the materials to reach the appropriate temperature that is required. After that, the resistance heating of the heating resistor and electric heater helps in carrying out the energy conversion, which converts into heat. This heat is transferred into the workpiece to get heated further. Overall the working principle of the muffle furnace works on the law of conversion of energy.

Muffle Furnace: Its Types

A Muffle furnace is used in different kinds of industries where it is useful in melting, drying,  moulding, and heating several materials. That is, there are several types of Muffle Furnaces:

Nabertherm Muffle Furnace:

This type of muffle furnace is useful in application-oriented heating systems industries such as steel and other metal production, ceramic, food processing, aerospace, car manufacturing, and glass manufacturing.


Laboratory Muffle Furnace:

This type of muscle is useful in employing heating tasks such as melting, sintering binder burnout, and more. It is used in creating specified temperatures for experiments and also for manufacturing items by isolating them.

Electric Muffle Furnace:

These types of Muffle Furnaces are useful for the process of drying, melting, heating and moulding different materials. These are famous for running at a higher temperature than induction furnaces and have higher power densities.

Carbolite Muffle Furnace:

These types of muffle furnaces are known for the insulated chambers that are installed in these with fuel burners that are at the bottom of the devices, along with a heat-resistant door that is at the top.

Thermolyne Muffle Furnace:

These furnaces are used in a specific type of industry where the requirement of the heating process is high, upto 1200 degree Celsius. These are used in annealing, Harting, and tempering the crucibles and glassware.

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A Muffle Furnace is quite a popular apparatus because of its safety features and efficiency. It is an essential kind of device for any kind of industry and workspace. One can easily test a substance in it because of its crucibles. So it will be a great addition to your workplace if you get one. However, it is to be kept in mind that always choose a Muffle Furnace as per your requirements so that you can choose the right type of Muffle Furnace from a reputed brand.


The temperature range of a Muffle Furnace ranges between 800 degree Celsius to 1800 degree Celsius. It can reach upto its maximum range within an hour.

Yes, there is quite a difference between both. A normal furnace contains a material feed system, fuel supply, heat source, and control system, which is operated with an automatic control or manually. Whereas a Muffle Furnace is more of a metal container that has the ability to get fused by heating to high temperature and also has a cylindrical chamber along with sliding doors at both ends.

Yes, both are different, as an oven is useful in the kitchen in terms of roasting and baking food and is usually built of metal or brick. These are useful for making food in large countries at a time. On the other hand, a  Muffle Furnace is a device that is useful for generating heat with an exothermic reaction that provides radiant heat to the surrounding substances instead of convection. So the use and the build of both apparatuses are quite different from one another.