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Moti Daman Fort History, Timings and Images

Moti Daman Fort History, Timings and Images

Daman has a great monument, Moti Daman fort, an example of India's rich history. It is a monument that has been quite an attraction among tourists because of its Ambience that looks dreamy. The Portuguese built this dreamy Fort for a measures settlement at Moti Daman Fort. But what attracts move visitors and tourists is the fascinating views of the Fort from the Bulwarks near the Lighthouse. Let us know detail about the Fort here:


Moti Daman Fort History:

Before the Fort was constructed, it was a Muslim bastion site known to be controlled by the Chief Abyssinian. After 1559 the Portuguese started the construction of this Majestic port after capturing the Muslim Citadel, which was completed at the end of the 16th century.

  • Daman is a city with two forts built on the opposite Ganga River banks of Daman, and the Ganga river merges with the Arabian Sea. The twin forts, or two Forts, are the Nani Daman and Moti Daman Forts. The Nani Daman refers to meaning "small", whereas the Moti Daman refers to the meaning of "big" Fort because of its enormous structure.
  • In December 1961 Indian Army invaded Daman City against the Portuguese Garrison and surrendered after the attack from the republic of India. The Forts were constructed as a defence structure against the Mughals. Now centuries later, the Fort harbours different Municipal government offices.

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The Structure of The Fort:

Moti Daman Fort in Daman is quite extensive, which is why it is said to be Moti, for that is the enormous Fort, as it has an area of about 30000 square meters. The Fort has ten bastions, two gateways, and a deep branch as a Shield against enemy attack.

This polygonal structure of the Fort has a unique low wall at the roof's edge, providing loopholes and the flight of steps connecting the inner ground surface to the terrace. It is said that it was structured to be used as a safety valve so that they could face an enemy attack with less damage. It was indeed a great defence.


The Fort also has churches such as Saint Cathedral, constructed in the 17th century, The Church Of Our Lady of the Rosary, and some Portuguese tombstones. This unique feature is the Marvel at the alter, made from gold-painted wood.

Climate of Daman:

Daman has a sunny and dry climate with a low moisture level all year. It is located close to sea level and has excellent and breezy weather. The overall highest temperature at is recorded yet in the summer is 39 degrees, while in the winter, the lowest temperature that has been recorded so far is 11 degrees celcious.   The winters are moderate temperatures, while the summer is fantastic compared to Diu's. So if you are planning a trip to Daman, the best month to do so is between May and October, as during this time, the island of Daman Blossoms with new flowers and has a festivity there.

Lighthouse Moti Daman Fort:

The Daman Light House, which is near the river bank, is a place that is quite famous among tourists. It is located in the Moti Daman Fort. It creates a magical side for anyone who wants to look at the sea and the Majestic Fort for a wonderful dreamy treat where nature meets the Majestic creation of humans. If you are up for an adventure, you can visit the Lighthouse climb its tower and look at the best scenic view of sunset, boat,  and sea. It is the town's landmark where the Sea traffic can be seen clearly.


If you are looking for a great place to disconnect from the outer world and connect with nature and serenity, then the Lighthouse in the Moti Daman Fort is your calling. You can go To the Lighthouse and enjoy the Ganga river flowing with soft waves and the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea. The sea's beauty and Daman's weather make this place a hit among tourists. You can also take great pictures here, as this place is definitely Instagram-worthy! So pack your bags and take a trip to this beautiful place today!

Moti Daman Fort Timings:

One can visit the Fort between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it is a Fort with the great architectural beauty of Portuguese style. The ticket per person is around INR 10 to INR 15 per person. It is best to visit this magnificent attraction of Daman during the morning.

How to Reach Daman Moti Fort:

By Flight-

You can reach the Daman Moti Fort by flight, as Mumbai and Surat are the closest airports from where you can take a cab or public transport to reach the Fort. The Mumbai Airport is around 170 km, and the Surat airport is around 90 km.

By Train-

Reaching Daman Moti fort is easier as the nearest rail is at Vapi, which is 12 km away from the Fort. It is near the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route. So you can travel to Daman by train via Vapi; from there, you can take a cab or public transport to reach the Fort.

By Road-

If you are considering travelling to the Fort by road, the good news is that this is well connected to major cities. All you need to do is reach Vapi, that is near which is near the Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway number 8. As the Fort is well connected to the road.

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Moti Daman Fort is a great example of Portuguese architecture constructed in the 16 century. Because of its scenic beauty, Lighthouse, Church, and colonial-style architecture, it is a popular attraction for tourists in Daman. The Fort has been damaged due to the natural calamities and is a bit Burnout. However, despite the damages, the Fort still looks magnificent and remains the spot of attraction for many people visiting the Daman. So if you are looking for a place that is distinct and has a charm that can live up in your memory for years, visit the beautiful Moti Daman Fort in the city of Daman.