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Kuchaman Fort: History, Entry Fees, Timings, Contact Number and Pictures

Kuchaman Fort: History, Entry Fees, Timings, Contact Number and Pictures

Situated on a rock of a height of 300 m, Kuchaman City harbors one of the most beautiful forts in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan- the Kuchaman Fort. This hidden gem has been attracting several unique travelers towards a unique experience, with the impressive fort looking timeless and breathtaking. Today this beautiful fort has been transformed into a luxurious Heritage hotel. The impressive Shekhawati style of the haveli leaves a lasting impression on every traveler visiting this fort. Getting all curious? If so, then let us know in detail about the fort here:


Kuchaman Fort History:

The history of the Kuchaman City Fort dates back to the 9th century. National as an eagle's nest at the top of the hill, this fort has many tales. It was a salt Trade controlling city for centuries. The Gurjar Pratihara dynasty constructed the Kuchaman Fort in 768 AD to control the salt trade-producing areas nearby Kuchaman and the parts of Sambhar Lake. Later, the Chauhans came into rule after defeating the Gurjar Pratihara Dynasty in 960 A.D. The Gaur rulers later defeated the Chauhans. Kuchaman Fort Rajasthan was definitely a fort that was of great importance for any kingdom. Later the Gaur rulers were overthrown by the Rathores, who got control over the areas after a war with the Gaurs. From 1725 AD till the Independence of India, this fort was ruled by the Rathores. 

Kuchaman fort Architecture:

It won’t be wrong to say that the architecture of the fort is unique in every sense. The fort is balanced atop a 300 m high cliff and there are 10 beautifully carved gates on different sides that lead to the entrance in the fort. On the outer walls of the fort, there are carvings of murals and miniature paintings that are pleasing to the eyes of the viewer.

After entering the fort, you will witness something unique as the interior walls are chiseled with original inlay works of gold, semi precious metals, and glass. The beauty of the place is enhanced due to usage of colors made from natural dried flowers.

Darbar-e-Khas, the main hall of the fort is renowned for its ceiling as the portrait of all the Rathore rulers is painted on the ceiling. On all the walls and pillars of the fort, there are wonderful gild artworks of flowers and motifs accompanied with wonderful frescos. The tourists are bound to notice ancient Hindu mythological stories that are exquisitely drawn at different region.


The presence of long balconies and hanging terraces portrays the architectural brilliance of that period and this alone strengthens the fact that the talent present at that time was unique in its own sense.

There is a separate Sheesh Mahal or glass palace inside the fort area which is covered with glasses of various lengths and sizes. 

Here are Some of Mesmerizing Kuchaman Fort Pictures:

Kuchaman Fort Photos
Kuchaman Fort Image

Kuchaman Fort Timings:

The fort is open from 9.30 AM to 6:30 PM. So if you have any plans to visit the fort, you must visit it between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM as it will get closed after 6:30 PM. Plus the fort is closed on Sundays. So plan your visit only between Monday to Saturday.


Kuchaman fort contact number:

Fore more details related to Kuchaman Fort you can contact on +911586220882 from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Kuchaman fort entry fees:

The visitors must note that there are no entry fee if you visit Kuchaman Fort but if you have any plans to reside in the Kuchaman Fort hotel, then you have to pay charges according to the room you choose as there are different charges for rooms and suites.

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Kuchaman Fort is one of the most beautiful tourist destination of Rajasthan, centrally located at the sandy backdrop of Thar Desert. The reason for its acclaimation is due to the presence of countless royal havelis that depict the lost honor of the place and the entire Rathore rulers.

Even though it is situated in a small town of Rajasthan, but it’s worthy of your attention. So plan your visit to Kuchaman Fort and it’s time to rediscover and relive the history.


The Kuchaman Fort has been privatized, and so it is now owned by Kuchaman Fort and Palace Private Limited. The directors of this company are Rai Singh, Ramkrishna Sharma, Lalit Mohan Sharma, and Ankit Sharma.

Kuchaman, situated on a cliff at a height of 1000 feet  is famous for its historical and architectural significance along with the aesthetic appeal. The major spots of attraction are Sheesh Mahal, Jal Mahal, and Sabha Prakash. Plan your visit to Meena Bazar also, the royal marketplace where you can shop for all the traditional rajputi outfits. Meera Mahal is also beautiful enough to capture your attention.