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Easy Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home

Easy Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home

Janmashtami, around the corner you are probably wondering about how you can decorate your home with some of the easy to do Janamastmi decoration ideas. Janmashtami is the festival of Lord Krishna, which celebrates the birth of the deity itself and is celebrated all across India. It is celebrated on the 8th day of Krishna Paksh as per the Hindu Bhadrapada month, which usually falls in August or September month of the year. Devotees and prayers and observe fasting while singing bhajan on this day. If you are celebrating this pious festival this year and want to decorate your home with some of the most easy and beautiful decoration to welcome Lord Krishna, then here are some of the decorations that you can give a try:


An Elegant Altar Decoration For Janmashtami:

If you want your decoration to look a little elegant and simple for you to do, then you can opt for a modern altar decoration instead of the traditional ones. For Janmashtami Decoration At Home you can set up a light coloured altar in the corner of a room and add some oil lamps, flowers, as well as tea lights to decorate it well. To add a final touch to the decoration, you can add peacock's feathers representing the birth of Lord Krishna. At last, you can place the idol of Lord Krishna in the middle of the decoration and decorate it with the help of some flowers. 

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A Simple Jhula Krishna Janmashtami Decoration:

Simple Jhula Krishna Janmashtami Decoration

If you have Laddu Gopal at home, then you definitely need to decorate hulas and palnas. If you are looking for some Creative Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for the swing decor, then you can try decorating the jhula with alkali colours peacock's feathers well wet clothes mirrors flowers and more. For the decoration of the Jhula, you can use jute or synthetic ropes with handcrafted peacock feathers and flowers that can add an aesthetic look to the decor.


For more vibrant and colourful Janmashtami Jhula Decoration Ideas At Home, you can also deck up the Jhula with flowers and gems while surrounding the backdrop with balloons and flowers. You can also add pearl and golden coloured decorative stones to add more elegance to the Jhula. 

Backdrop Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home:

Backdrop Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home

If you are looking for a Unique Janmashtami Decoration Ideas At Home for the Temple backdrop, then you can go to recreating a village like ambience for the Janmashtami festival as Lord Krishna used to spend his childhood in the village Vrindavan. For the backdrop you can arrange coloured sand in a beautiful manner on the floor, or even decorate the space with rangoli or grass like materials that can give it a village setting. Place some miniature pebbles, small pots, cotton, cows, and other figures to add some aesthetic appeal to the space. You can also place a cradle for the Lord Krishna figurine and place Yashoda, Nanda, and villagers’ figurines along with that. 


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Flower and Lamps Simple Janmashtami Decoration:

One of the simplest and beautiful way of decorating the temple or your home for Janmashtami is using flower gardens and oil lamps. The beauty of flowers and the oil lamps makes the space vibrant, fragrant, and pious. You can decorate your balcony, railings, doors, temple, and any part of your home with flower garlands. If you find it difficult to decorate your whole home, then you can decorate a small space filled with flower centrepieces, vases, pots filled with fresh flowers such as marigold, roses, etc. Later on, you can also add tea lights and oil lamps surrounding the space to make it look more visually appealing. 

Simple Dahi Handi Janmashtami Decoration Ideas:

Simple Dahi Handi Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

If we are decorating any space for Janmashtami, then one of the most important thing that is adorned by Lord Krishna is curd (Dahi Handi). You need to make sure that you have a Janmashtami Decoration Items for Handi such as mirrors, Laces, paint colours, cotton, dahi and butter, and beads for the decor. You can paint the dahi handi in which river colour you like and decorate the Handi with mirrors and laces placed in a beautiful arrangement. Later you can add cotton on the surface of the pot to fill in have butter or curd. Otherwise it is best to fill the decoration with real butter and curd instead of cotton. Complete the decoration with a flute and a peacock feather that goes with the things. For a final touch, you can place a figurine of Lord Krishna enjoying the Dahi Handi. 

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Janamastmi is one of the most celebrated festival that is celebrated with zest and zeal, all over the country. You can recreate the magnificent Govardhan Leela or other scenic views from the stories of Lord Krishna to celebrate the festival with an eye catching display. Some of the other Janmashtami decoration ideas that you can give a try are you can add a simple Lord Krishna and peacock themed rangoli decoration, design a beautiful dress for lord Krishna, or dress up a child in Lord Krishna’s costume as a part of the celebration. 

Whether you go for a fully fledged decoration or for a small and simple decoration, make sure that everything you do showcases the love and devotion that you have for the festival. We wish you a Happy Janmashtami and hope that the festival brings prosperity for you.