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Indian Festivals Essay in English for Student | Essay in 250 words and 500 words

Indian Festivals Essay in English for Student | Essay in 250 words and 500 words

Are You a Student Looking up an Essay in English on Indian Festivals? 

Here we have a compilation of the best 250 & 500 word essays in English on Indian festivals.


India is a country of a vast variety of religions. All these religions have millions of followers. There are hundreds of festivals celebrated throughout the year. Some festivals are  celebrated across the country, some are celebrated in a particular state or region thus known as restricted Holiday.  Two of them are called National festivals i.e. 15 August as independence day and 26 January as Republic day. 

A 250 Word Essay on Indian Festivals:

Introduction: India is a country of diversity. From language to apparel to religion we vary from each other.  Different religions have different ways of celebrating their religious and cultural identities.  Each religious sect has their own events  on which they worship their respective god and do many joyous activities and the day is called festivals. 

Holi is one of the most prominent  festivals celebrated nationwide.  It is also the most recent one. Holi is  celebrated on the Purnima ( full moon)  of Indian month "Falgun" i.e. February to March period of the English calendar.  

The NCERT books  for Indian schools lay emphasis on the historical importance of the festival by the great story of Prahlad, a devotee of Shri Vishnu ( Indian god) and  his evil father and aunt. The festival is enjoyed for two days. On the first eve, a bonfire is lit which is much similar to another festival "Lohri" and next  day people celebrate via applying home made colors ( Gulaal) on their friends and families.  Some places are known for their vibrant Holi celebrations such as Vrindavan, Mathura etc.  


Lohri, Dussehra are other  festivals that also resemble Holika Dahan.  Lohri is restricted to North India, though on the same day it is celebrated in a very similar way in different regions of India such as Sankranti, Bihu, Onam which is a symbolic day of end of winter season and welcoming spring.  Whereas  Dussehra is celebrated across India. 


India is a subcontinent full of religions. People are more than happy to express their beliefs by celebrating their own festivals and they support their fellow devotees who may have different ethnic beliefs and festivals.


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A 500 Word Essay on Indian Festivals for School Children:

Over a thousand major and minor festivals in total are celebrated across India throughout the year. Most festivals have an ethnic series of beliefs that goes back to even a thousand years. Some of the festivals have the same dates and are known as different names in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. 

Christian Festivals Celebrated in India: 

There are three significant festivals for  Christians that are celebrated in India.

  • Christmas
  • Good Friday
  • Easter( Pascha)

There are over 25 million Indians who identify themselves as Christians which is approximately 2.5 % of the total population of our nation. 

Christmas is the most important one of their festivals. It is believed that  Jesus Christ was born on 25th December  of the year  336 AD.  All the Christian households are lit up with colorful lights and a Christmas tree is decorated. Gifts are exchanged. People play Santa for their little kids. The celebration lasts till New year which is also an English (Christian) day of importance. 

Good Friday is remembered as the passing of the Lord Jesus. It is said that after he was crucified, the death of Jesus Christ took place on a Friday.  The prayers last for three hours from 12 o'clock in the afternoon.  It usually takes place in the months of March and April. 

Easter is celebrated on the immediate Sunday  after Good Friday. It is remembered as the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion. 

Muslim Festivals Celebrated in India essay: 

In sacred book "Quran"  Hijra : Islamic new year, Month of Ramzan, Id-Ul-

Fitr( meethi Eid), Bakrid ( Eid -ul-Dha), Muharram( Tajiya) are prominent festivals celebrated by followers of Islam in India. 

Hindu Festivals India Essay:

India  is presided by a majority of Hindu.  Hindu religion also allegedly has the most  number of gods thus resulting in the most number of festivals as well. 

The Indian calendar starts from   the month of Chaitra and culminates with the month of  Falgun.  The first  eminent festival is celebrated on the very first day ( chaitra Shukla pratipada)  of Hindu new year. It lasts for 9 days. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her different forms( avatars).  The another week-long Navratri takes place in the month of Ashwin ( September-October) which is preceded by Shradh.

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Then comes the Teej & Gangour which are mostly about women. 

Rakshabandhan is the next beloved festival which takes place in August. On this auspicious Indian festival  a girl ties Rakhi ( a wrist band) that obligates the brother to protect  her whenever she is in need.   

Diwali is the most famous Indian festival. According to mythology, on the blue moon of the month of Kartika, lord Rama along with his wife Sita  and  brother laxman returned to their  homeland Ayodhya after  dwelling for 14 years. Thus people of Ayodhya got so happy that they lit lamps in   the entire city. Ever since Deepawali ( diwali) the festival of deep(lamps) has been celebrated . It lasts for two days. The next day is remembered as Ramnavami. When we greet our elders with respect. 

National Festivals of India Essay for School:

Apart from the conventional festivals, in India there are two National festivals as well.  On the 15th of August 1947, India was declared a sovereign nation free from British rule, thus every year 15 August is celebrated as independence day, a national festival in school and other government and private  institutions of  India.  The freedom fight lasted over 200 years. To commemorate the greatest sacrifice of the freedom fighters, 15 August occurs to be one of the national festivals of India. 

Another one takes place on 26th January every year and it is celebrated as Republic day: a national festival of India.  On 26th January 1950  the constitution of India was enacted on the citizens of India. 


Bharat is home to people from different religions and the constitution of India entitles them to the liberty to express their beliefs in the most explicit ways, thus festivals are an Indian thing and means to keep the locals lively. 

Here we discussed  the formats to write essays on festivals of India. A short essay containing 250 words on Indian festivals in English and 500 words long essay on festivals of India for school which also had a separate segment for national festivals of India.

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