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Jaipur Zoo (Chidiya Ghar): Ticket Price, Timing, Location, Photos

Jaipur Zoo (Chidiya Ghar): Ticket Price, Timing, Location, Photos

What could possibly be more fun than going to a Zoo in Jaipur? Is this the question you are probably wondering? Going to a zoo is a perfect weekend outing spot for any family member. When it is about Jaipur, Zoo then, it is a place with about a 35-acre area that holds a habitat of 550 animals and about 70 different animal species. The Zoo is split into two areas one is for the birds, and reptiles are there for the mammals! You look interested now, so let us get to know what this amazing place has to offer:


Jaipur Zoo Animal List:

The Zoological Garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh as an elaboration of the famous Ramnivas Garden in the year 1868 and has always been an instant hit among adults and children. The Zoo, on the other hand, opened in 1877. It was made to complement the thought of the nation in conserving wildlife. It is one of the oldest zoos in India and cost around four lakhs Rupees to establish in the year 1877. The locals call it Chidiya Ghar Jaipur.

One of the most important highlights of visiting the park is that it has a landmark that is closer to other important sites of Jaipur, making it convenient for you to make the most out of your day. Some of the famous nearby places here are Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Albert Hall, City Palace, Ram Niwas Udyan, Jaigarh Fort, and more. All these places are within the range of 15 km. So one can plan out the whole day as per the preference.

Here is a list of species of birds and reptiles that are housed at this beautiful Zoo:


Black panther, leopard, Bengal tiger, lion white tiger, deer,  hog deer, sambar deer, blackbuck, jackal, fox, chinkara, monkeys, Himalayan beer, wild boar, porcupine, etc.


Owl, Duck, Peacock, Flamingo, Crane, white Ibis, love birds, pelican, emu, Teetar, etc.



Ghariyal, crocodile, Notaeus, Turtle, tortoise, python, etc

Jaipur Zoo New Location:

Zoo in Jaipur is located on the Sawai Ram Singh Road, Ram Niwas Garden, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, 302001, India.

It is one of the most famous places for picnic trips in school, and in the year 2018, the government decided to build bigger cages and is run by the Rajasthan state government. When we talk about the breeding programs then, the alligator breeding program is the only one that is sustainable in this Zoo as per the natural habitat and behaviour of the animal. If you are curious about how it looks,


If you're curious about the appearance of the Jaipur Zoo, you'll find a well-maintained and picturesque setting. The zoo's layout is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and natural environment for its animal inhabitants. Lush greenery, beautiful landscaping, and carefully crafted enclosures make it an enjoyable place to explore for visitors of all ages.

Jaipur Zoo Timing:

The Zoo in Jaipur timing varies as per the seasons:

Summer: 8.30 to 5.30 PM

Winter: 9:00 to 5: 00 PM

Tuesday: It remains closed on Tuesday.

Jaipur Zoo Ticket Price/ Entry Fees:

The prices of the Zoo are:

Local: Rs. 22

Student: Rs. 15

Foreigners: Rs. 150

Camera Fees:

Image: Rs. 100

Video Camera: Rs. 150

For Parking:

Two-wheeler: Rs. 10

Four Wheeler: Rs. 30

Jaipur Zoo Contact Number:

You can contact the Zoo at the following number: 91-1412617319

Jaipur Zoo Closing Time:

After COVID, the closing timings of the Zoo have changed to 5. 00 PM.

Jaipur Zoo Photos:

Jaipur Zoo
Jaipur Zoo


chidiya ghar jaipur
chidiya ghar jaipur


Interesting things about the Zoo in Jaipur:

  • When we talk about the amazing things that you can look into in the Zoo, then a prehistorical zoological garden is there, which thrives in vegetation and flora, making you want to explore the exotic birds and wild beasts even more.
  • There are two gates to the Zoo, one is for the animals, and another one is for father buds, so you don't have to buy another ticket as you can go inside both gates.
  • There are several places that are nearby the Zoo, such as Naharagrah Fort, and Amer is closer to the area. As of now, it has been moved to the Nahargarh Biological Park.
  • One can click photos of the animals at the Zoo as photos are allowed.
  • Near the Zoo, there are several adventure activities that one can go for, such as elephant ride, camel ride, hot balloon ride, wildlife Safari, and more.
  • If you are thinking about visiting the Zoo, then it is best to visit in the wintertime as the winter is a time when the weather is quite pleasant here, so you want to be facing heat stroke issues.

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When thinking about a day just for a picnic, you cannot go wrong with Zoo in Jaipur. It is an excellent place for a fun and educational day and learning much about a wide range of animals and birds. The location of the Zoo is the best part when planning a day full of different trips to vibrant Jaipur. As it is a place that is nearby Nahargarh and Amer, then you can definitely take some time out of your trip and wander awe-struck in the historical sites! What can be more fun than taking such a tour?

Overall, the Zoo in Jaipur is a must-visit place for any visitor who wants to observe wild animals and birds and understand more about the nation. The best part is that it doesn't require spending a lot of money. So take a day out from your life and plan a picnic with your family and spend a day well spent with the flora and fauna. You will cherish the day forever!

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Yes, the Zoo opens on  Monday. However, it is closed on Tuesday.

Yes, it is open for visitors on Sunday.

There are four most important Zoos in Jaipur: Albert Hall Zoo Bird Section, Jaipur Zoo (chidiya ghar jaipur) and Jaipur Zoological Garden.

Yes, the Zoo has been shifted to the Nahargarh Biological Park.

The Jaipur Zoo, locally known as Chidiya Ghar Jaipur, was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1868, and it officially opened in 1877. It was established to contribute to wildlife conservation efforts in India and is one of the country's oldest zoos.

Some prominent attractions near Jaipur Zoo include Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Albert Hall, City Palace, Ram Niwas Udyan, Jaigarh Fort, and more, all within a 15-kilometer radius.

Jaipur Zoo houses a variety of animals, including mammals like Bengal tigers, lions, and monkeys; birds like peacocks, owls, and flamingos; and reptiles such as crocodiles and pythons.

Yes, photography is allowed inside Jaipur Zoo, so visitors can capture memorable moments of the animals and their surroundings.

Near Jaipur Zoo, you can enjoy various adventure activities like elephant rides, camel rides, hot air balloon rides, wildlife safaris, and more to enhance your visit and experience the area's natural beauty and wildlife.