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How to Join RAW India After Graduation | Become a RAW Agent

How to Join RAW India After Graduation | Become a RAW Agent

Just completed watching the James Bond series again, and are you wondering how to become a RAW agent? It is indeed a dream of many but is it easy to become a RAW agent? Here's what most people say you to do: first, get yourself an espionage handbook. Next, join a group of like-minded individuals who want to live their lives to the fullest. Finally, take some risks - go on missions that will take you to different corners of the world and put your life on the line for others! But that's not how it's done! So you want to live an adventurous life and become a RAW agent? Before we answer that, let's know about RAW here:


How to Join RAW Agent: Basic Info

Joining the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is one way to become a foreign intelligence officer in India. RAW agents monitor the military and political developments in India's neighboring countries. One Requirement to join RAW is to pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam. The RAW, or Research and Analysis Wing, is one of the world's top external intelligence agencies. They're responsible for many things - from gathering foreign intelligence to fighting terrorism and nuclear proliferation. They even have to provide policymakers in India with advice and help promote India's strategic interests abroad. Needless to say, it's a pretty important organization. And because of that, the recruitment process for RAW is often a topic of interest for students.

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Eligibility Criteria on How to Become a RAW Agent:

  • In order to become an intelligence officer, aspirants must graduate from a reputed organization. This means having a good education from a well-known university for RAW
  • Additionally, aspirants must also know one foreign language.
  • Regarding the age limit, applicants for intelligence bureau jobs must be under 56 years old and have completed 20 years of service.
  • Lastly, the candidate must be a citizen of India without any criminal history or drug addiction.

How to become a RAW agent after 10th?

So you want to be a RAW agent? Well, the first thing you need to do is graduate from college. Then you can apply for the civil service, like IPS or IFS. Once you're in, you can apply for the RAW agent post. But be warned - it's not easy to become an IPS officer. You'll have to work really hard to clear the written exam and interview.

How to become a RAW agent after 12th?

It's not easy becoming a RAW agent. You need determination, strength, and the right set of skills. Plus, you must be able to pass the SSC CGL exam. But don't worry; we're here to help you out. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to become a RAW agent:


  1. Clear the SSC CGL exam. This is the first and most crucial step.
  2. Fill out the Deputy Field Officer (DFO) form from the official Cabinet Secretariat website.
  3. Get some experience as a DFO. This will give you a better understanding of what it takes to be a RAW agent.
  4. Apply for RAW. Once you have the experience and the skills, you can apply to become a RAW agent.

How to Become RAW Agent After Graduation?

What's the best way to become a RAW agent after graduation? There are different ways you can get recruited:

  • You could try your luck with the National Academy of Administration entrance exam, the UPSC CSE. If you manage to clear that, you'll be studying at LBSNAA, which is known for being a training ground for RAW Of course, it's not just a walk in the park - you'll need to pass tests and interviews before joining the team. If you want to join RAW, you'll have to be a top performer. We put our candidates through a grueling year-long training program. After they graduate from the program, we choose the best of the best to join our ranks.
  • Joining RAW through the Defense Service is an option for those who can't clear the UPSC exam. Those with a few years of experience under their belts can apply for the job, but it's a challenging task by any means.
  • You can join RAW through the Intelligence Bureau by working in IB or ACIO posts. If you're not currently in IB, you can join and apply for RAW after a few years of service.

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How to Become a RAW Agent: The Process of Requirement

RAW (the Indian intelligence agency) doesn't recruit candidates directly. They get their people from other government departments, like the armed forces, police services, administrative services, and intelligence agencies. It's a bit like a flavorsome curry - all the different departments add their unique spices to the mix. Now that you know how to become a RAW agent, all you need to do is take the plunge and live an adventurous life! Just remember that being a RAW agent isn't all about action and adventure - it's also about making quick decisions and being able to think on your feet. Moreover, there is a lot to study!! So if you're up for the challenge, then go out there and make some waves! Live your life like a James bond!


How to Join RAW India after Graduation:

How to join RAW India after graduation? Is this the query that you have been bothering yourself with? If you've recently graduated and don't have any plans to be a police officer, you may be curious about how to join the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India. Here is detailed information to help you out:

  • When selecting individuals to become RAW officers, they are chosen via the Rajasthan Administrative Service or civil service officers who have already completed the foundation course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration at the class one executive level.
  • The candidate must also go through a campus interview to be considered for the position, and a psychological exam and an interview accompany this. During this one-year probation period, the applicant also has the option to rejoin their parent's military.
  • At the end of the one-year probation, the applicant is then chosen by RAW permanently. Additionally, officers from the Indian Armed Forces can be selected for the role via deputation.
  • After spending 12 months with them, RAW chooses the applicant to stay permanently. Those from the Civil and Defence Services can also resign from their current post and join RAS.


How to join RAW agent in India?

If you want to join the ranks of RAW agents in India or want to know How to become a RAW agent, you need to pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam. This will allow you to become a Group-A IAS, IPS, IRS, or IFS officer.

How to become a RAW secret agent?

Well, you first need a graduation degree from a reputable organization or institute. That's mandatory. Sometimes it's also required that you know a foreign language, so start brushing up on your skills now if that's the case for you. Candidates should have a sharp memory and good communication skills. And that's it! Just follow those simple steps, and you'll be on your way to becoming a RAW agent in no time.

What is the age limit to join raw after graduation?

If you've finished your bachelor's, you're eligible to apply for a RAW agent position, but you must be younger than 56. 

How can I join RAW after graduation and while preparing for the UPSC exam?

For those aspiring to join RAW and wondering how can I join RAW after graduation, the best way is to take the Group A Civil Services exam and clear it with flying colors. The RAW exam involves a written test and an interview to be taken.