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Harshnath Mandir Sikar History, Photos, Harsh Parvat Height

Harshnath Mandir Sikar History, Photos, Harsh Parvat Height

A temple dedicated to the lord Shiva in the beautiful village of Harsh in the Sikar district, Harshnath Temple is surely one of a kind. It is a place of worship, attracting several devotees each year for centuries. If you have a day in hand and want to experience the blessing of nature and the sacredness of a place, you can definitely visit this site. Let us know more about Harshnath temple and its history here:


Location of Harshnath Mandir:

Around 14 km from Sikar city, in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, Harshnath is located at a hilltop of the mesmerizing le beautiful Harsh Parvat. Temple is protected as a monument because of its national importance, as declared by the central archaeological survey of India. As per the inscriptions available in Temple, the ocean temple was built around 973 CE, which is said to be built by Bhavarakta in the reign of Vigraharaja II, a Chahamana King.

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History of Harsh Parvat Sikar:

Harshnath Temple was built by Allata, also known as the Shiva ascetic Bhavarakta. It is said to be destroyed by who was a Mughal emperor in 1679 CE. That is built on Aravali hills, and right now, the Temple is in dreams, with the main Temple being surrounded by many other shines and temples nearby. Chauhan King Rao Shiv Singh later reconstructed Aurangzeb's attempt to destroy it in 17 18 CE. New Temple was constructed adjacent to the old one by utilizing the ruins of the old Temple.

What the Temple has to offer:

The TempleTemple faces words east and a saturated at the top hill of the beautiful Harsh Parvat, and it's rounded by others that are now in ruins. From the main Temple towards the East, Nandi, a house in Nandi mandapam, is easily seen and is also ruined. Everything was lost, only the raised platform form of the present. The Temple has Ranga Mandapa, Antrala, an entrance porch, and a Sanctum.


The four central pillars support the structure near the Temple and have lateral transepts with rakshasa balustrades. These pillars are carved. It also has a sculpture of standing Parvati which can be seen on the Western Wall inside the sanctum. It is believed that the centre might have had a superstructure, but it was completely lost.

The Temple has many beautiful sculptures and pillars. The Temple is notable in its ruined state due to its architectural marvel and minute craftsmanship that depicts the decorative scenes of musicians, warriors, deities, dances and more. Second, it is situated on a high tower attached to the Temple and was dedicated to lord Shiva, which was dedicated to Bhairav. It is built per Hindu architecture, which means that the Temple is towards the East, which is a good direction as the sun rises in the East. It is constructed as per the plan of the Pancharatha Temple.

The main Temple in the Harshnath temple has an excellent quality structure and intricate carvings with sculptures, architectural fragments, idols, relics and more. It is built higher than other temples and in a Maha Meru style. It consists of Mukha Mandapa and Sanctum crowned with tall shikhara.


Harsh Parvat Photos:

Festivals that have been celebrated at Harsh Parvat Sikar Rajasthan:

Harshnath TempleTemple is one of the most popular temples among the locals as several devotees and pilgrims come for a grand celebration of the festival of Mahashivratri in a grand way to this TempleTemple every year. It is a temple radicated to lord Shiva, which is why the Shiv Puja is done in this beautiful and attractive Temple, which is popular among the locals. People from the Sikar district come with their friends, families, and relatives to celebrate the festival of Mahashivratri religiously on a specified day at this shrine. 

How to reach Harshnath ki Pahadi:

When we talk about the overall connectivity of the Harshnath temple, it is well connected with Sikar. It is 22 km from the bus stand of Sikar and about 23 km from the railway station. If you are not a nearby seeker, you can visit from Jaipur as it is only 121 km away. You can take a flight or train to Jaipur; from there, you can reach Sikar by train or bus.

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Bottom Line:

Overall,  Harshnath Temple is a site to be whole for anyone looking for a sacred place that also offers beautiful scenic beauty. It is a place covered by beautiful trees around the Harsh Parvat. You can also take it as a hiking adventure, as you can reach the Temple by hiking through the mountain. You can also get some food for the monkeys living in the Harshnath temple for centuries. The history and heritage of Harsh Parvat are one of a kind and useful for peace and culture. If you want to experience something blissful, visit the beautiful Harshnath Temple.


Harshnath Mountain is about 2953 ft which is an elevation of 900 m.

Distance from Sikar to Harsh Parvat is about 25 minutes, 14 km away in kilometres. If you plan to visit this place, it won't take much of your time. 

It is believed that the Bhavarakta of lord Shiva built the Harshnath temple.

Harshnath got its name from the legend that lord Shankar, in the form of joy, used to worship on this mountain the other God, such as Indra, who was, due to the joy of lord Shiva killing the demon Tripura. Because lord Shiv killed Tripura, and one of the names of lord Shiva is, Harshdev that is why the name of the hill was said to be Harshnath Parvat and Harshnath Nagari.

The most amazing part of visiting the Harsh Parvat is that it has wind turbines.

When reaching this beautiful Temple from Jaipur to Harsh Parvat, the distance is about 121.3 km, which will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes drive.