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Eco-friendly Rakhi Making Ideas : Protect Our Environment

Eco-friendly Rakhi Making Ideas : Protect Our Environment

Rakhsha Bandhan is here, and as usual, we are searching for the best Rakhi for our siblings. After all, it is the occasion that makes the bond between siblings strongest as sisters tie Rakhis on their wrists, brothers pray for their long life while brothers promise day sister to protect them and offer them a gift. Now that Rakhi is around the corner, the market is full of captivating and colorful Rakhis. However, just after the festival, all these rakhis go into the dustbin and his later dumped into waste, which results in an increase in carbon footprints. Rakhsha Bandhan is a pious festival, and we should be responsible for making eco-friendly Rakhis to protect our environment. If you are brainstorming about making your Raksha Bandhan festival eco-friendly, then here are some eco-friendly rakhi ideas that you can try to make your Homemade Rakhi as special as your bond:


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List of Eco-Friendly Rakhi Making Ideas:

Chocolate-Filled Rakhi:

How about making a rakhi that your brother can eat later as a dessert? One of the most sustainable, eco-friendly Rakhi-making ideas that you can ever come across is by melting chocolate and molding the Rakhi of your choice for your brother. You can go through several video recommendations that are available on YouTube and curate a design of your choice. If you want to add some more elements, then you can also add some drive fruits and choco chips on the chocolate Rakhi to add more love and taste to the edible thread of love. Speaking of thread, don't forget to stick thread on the Rakhi for a final touch. 

Rakhi Made from Dry Fruits:

If your brother is health conscious and you think that chocolate Rakesh is not the perfect option, then why don't you go for something that is healthy and tasty? Yes, we are talking about the perfect mixture of dry fruits. One of the most simple Eco-friendly rakhi ideas that you can ever come across with the ingredients that you have at your home is dry fruits Rakhi. You can choose a dry fruit of your choice, such as cash any other dry fruit, and decorate the surface of the Rakhi with the patterns of your choice. And Viola, your Rakhi is ready!

Pasta Rakhi:

If you are wondering how to make eco-friendly Rakhi, then grab some pasta. Yes, you heard it right! You can color your pasta in different colors that are your brother's favorite and stick the pasta in circular patterns. You can cut out cardboard in a circular shape and stick the pasta on it. To complete the overall look of the Rakhi, you can stick small pieces of mold or thread. 


Rakhi Made with Rice:

If you are looking for eco-friendly Rakhi-making competition ideas and want to put effort into making the best Rakhi for your brother, then how about making beautiful rice Rakhi? Cut out cardboard in any shape of your liking and stick blue to it with the help of a stick. Now that you have put glue on the shred, some threads of mold into pieces and stick these threads in the center of the cardboard. Now that you have completed the front part of the Rakhi stick a thread at the back of the cardboard to complete the design of the Rakhi. 

Rakhi Made from Pumpkin Seeds:

If you are looking for some eco-friendly rakhi-making ideas from the ingredients present in your kitchen, then how about you grab some pumpkin seeds? To make a beautiful Rakhi out of dry pumpkin seeds, you need to have some colors ready so that you can paint the seeds in fascinating colors. Take a cardboard and stick the pumpkin seeds that you have colored and paste it with the help of glue. At last, stick a thread to the back of the Rakhi to complete the design.

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Importance of Eco-friendly Rakhi:

It is not a hidden truth that Rakhis are made out of plastic materials that go to waste, increasing the pollution of the environment with non-degradable materials. The importance of eco-friendly Rakhi can be determined by the fact that these are made up of waste materials that are biodegradable materials which are quite sustainable. Purchasing Rakhis or making Rakhi with eco-friendly rakhi material can help in celebrating the festival of love with the help of sustainable practices. 

Eco-friendly rakhi Making with Waste Material:

If you have an eco-friendly rakhi-making competition with waste materials, then you can make one by using several materials such as wool, food ingredients, dried pumpkin seeds, rice, pasta, dry fruits, chocolate, mould, waste ribbons, and more. 

If you are not sure how to make eco-friendly rakhi and are not that creative, then you can braid threads together to form a beautiful Rakhi for your sibling. You can also braid two to three colourful threads together to make a colourful Rakhi. 

Eco-friendly Ganesha Making Ideas :

If you are looking for a creative and friendly idea to make your own Ganesh idol, then here are some ways you can do it:

Ganesha Idol with Dough:

Use a door of wheat or any other flour and shape it into small balls while making one ball of dough as a base or seat for the lord. Now, you can use the remaining door to shape the body of the lord Ganesha. After shaping the body, you need to pay attention to the details and let it dry. And here you are with your Eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha. 

Ganesha with Peepal Leaves:

The next way to make an idle of lot Ganesha is with the help of large peepal leaves, which you can collect from your nearby peepal tree. Start by laying the leaves on a flat surface and arranging them to form the body of lord Ganesha and using a thread or trying to tie the leaves together. If you want some more support, then you can also use toothpicks for that. After getting the desired shape, you can decorate the idol with the help of flowers to make it more beautiful. 


The bond between siblings is undeniably special and makes the festival of Rakhi more special by tying a Rakhi Made out of love and effort. So follow the tips and tricks that we have mentioned here and design a Rakhi with simple and elegant Eco- friendly rakhi ideas.