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Difference Between CBSE And State Board: Which Is Better

Difference Between CBSE And State Board: Which Is Better

State Board vs. CBSE: Which one is better for my kid? This is the confusion through which every parent goes while thinking about enrolling in a school. Every individual once in a lifetime goes through this confusion as it is considered one of the most important parts that determine how a child progresses in life. For Indian parents, one of the tough and biggest challenges to choose the right educational Board as there are various options that are available across the country. One of the top Educational boards that have become the most common topic of discussion is the Central and the State Board. Let's know more about these Educational Board in detail so that you can make an informed decision for your child:


CBSE vs. State Board: What Each Board is about?

Before we dwell on the details of CBSE vs. State Board, let us know what each educational Board entails on a surface level. State boards are found in each state across India, as each state has its own Board with a common state board net. The Board is focused on providing students with a routinely based curriculum that also focuses on state language learning, state-level affairs, and more. The schools that fall under these boards also offer extra-curricular activities to the students.

Central Board, popularly known as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), is a country or National level board for private as well as public schools that are managed and controlled by the Indian Government. This Board of Education concentrates more on the subject knowledge and learning and is considered easier for students to understand.

Difference Between CBSE And State Board in 2024:

CBSE or State Board: which one is the right one for my child? CBSE Or State Syllabus: Which Is Best? These are some of the questions that you may be wondering about right now. Let us know more about the difference between the two boards here.


CBSE Board

State Board

Higher Education


CBSE board is known better for developing the course for the future and is best for students who want to build a career in IIT, AIMS, etc.

The focus of the state board is more on a state-related education system and offers a relevant curriculum.



The syllabus is way more challenging and prepares students for cracking necessary exams such as JEE and NEET. It focuses on Science, Maths, and application-based subjects.

The syllabus is difficult, and the focus is more on rote learning, which makes it difficult for students to pass the exams. It focuses on English and regional languages as the primary mode of learning.

Concept Learning

CBSE focuses on conceptual understanding and answers the questions accordingly as per the concept.

The state board focuses on memorizing the concepts and applying them to succeed in the examination.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are mandatory in the CBSE schools and are superior to any board.

Extra-curricular activities are not mandatory in state boards and may prioritize other activities in comparison to extra-curricular development.

Scope of Education

In comparison to others, both CBSE students have a larger advantage as they have been studying English from a primary level and other languages. The scope is higher for international studies.

State boards focus on English and regional subjects in comparison to CBSE, like the knowledge of other third languages that are useful on an international level.


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CBSE vs. State Board: Merits and Demerits

To make a more informed decision regarding choosing the right Board for your child, it is best to know about the demerits and merits of State Board vs. CBSE:

CBSE Board-Merits:

  • The Board is followed all over India and is accepted.
  • It is the best when it comes to preparing for higher education in India, as the syllabus is relevant.
  • Because of its acceptability in every state, the student can learn without any struggle, even with families who have to travel throughout the country.


  • In comparison to the state syllabus students, there are fewer places at in-state colleges for the CBSE board syllabus.
  • The Board doesn't have a plethora of choices when it comes to the humanities department.

State Board- Merits:

  • In comparison to the other boards, the state board schooling is relatively inexpensive and cost-effective.
  • The Board is known for offering a relevant curriculum to the students.


  • Many state board syllabuses use outdated teaching methodology.
  • The state-mandated curriculums result in poor teaching quality.
  • Learning and thriving become difficult because of the many students enrolled in state board schools.

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State Board Or CBSE: Which Is Better?

So now we come to the major concern here, that is State Board vs. CBSE- which one to choose for your child? Well, the answer to the question depends upon what your priorities are for your child's education and what your child wants to achieve in life. While CBSE education is best for students who want to build a career in engineering and the medical field, the state board is best for the humanities department and creative learning. Apart from that, IGCSE and CISCE are the other boards that you can consider for a child who is more interested in science and commerce. Every Board has its own pros and cons, and while selecting the best for your child, it is right to develop several factors to make the right decision.

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