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What is a Campus Ambassador: Roles, Salary, Benefits and Examples

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What is a Campus Ambassador: Roles, Salary, Benefits and Examples

As a student, you might be looking for different career opportunities, whether to enhance your CV or to get financial support. There are several job opportunities that you can think of while studying. One such job role that you can consider is becoming a Campus Ambassador. Never heard of it? Wondering what is the job about? Well, here are some details that you need to know about the role of a Campus Ambassador:


Campus Ambassador Meaning: What is it?

A campus Ambassador is a representative for any brand or organization whose job is to promote the brand on the campus. They are hired by the brand to become the brand's representative and increase awareness regarding the brand's services or products. They act as the mediator between the brand and the customers, which helps further boost the trust of the brand. The opportunities for becoming a Campus Ambassador are usually paid or given incentives,  making it a good option for students.

What is a Campus Ambassador Internship?

A campus Ambassador internship is a short-term internship in which students can gain useful insights into promoting the brand and gaining corporate exposure. The students, while doing the internship and studying, can continue the job of a Campus Ambassador. In the internship, companies hire some students from different college campuses and employ them to represent and promote their brands on the University/ College campus.

A campus Ambassador has an integral role in maintaining the presence of these brands in every college, making it an important endeavor for the company to look for good candidates who can help in promoting products and brands. Most of the companies provide certification related to the Campus Ambassador Internship, while some may also offer a stipend along with the certificate.

Campus Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities:

Campus Ambassadors have a plethora of roles and responsibilities that they need to fulfill in order to spread relevant information about the brand organization so that they can amplify the overall visibility of the business. The roles and responsibilities may differ as per the goals of the brand or organization. Some of the typical roles and duties of a Campus Ambassador are:


  • Having an in-depth knowledge of the services or products that the brand wants you to promote
  • Developing a network of potential customers in college using offline as well as online strategies
  • Working on marketing plans, creating and executing engaging campaigns, and organizing events related to the brand to generate sales for the brand
  • Publicizing information related to the brand and promoting it with the help of posters, notice boards, outreach programs, social media, and more
  • Becoming a vital point of contact between the student community and the brand and also addressing queries regarding any event related to the brand
  • Collecting the feedback of the students and analyzing marketing activity reports and KPIs for working on improvements concerning the brand’s visibility

Campus Ambassador Salary in India:

Campus Ambassador programs are part-time opportunities, and these may require you to work for only about 2 to 4 hours a day. If we talk about the monetary benefits of the program, then on average, the salary of a Campus Ambassador ranges between 0.8 lacs to 23.5 lacs yearly depending upon the organization. Apart from that, the other benefits include incentives, free merchandise, a participation certificate, vouchers, and chances of getting full-time work opportunities after completing the degree.

Campus Ambassador Benefits:

Now the question here is, ‘”Will this internship help you in your career or develop skills?”  Becoming a Brand Ambassador is quite rewarding as you get to learn a lot during the job. A student who participates in the program gets to make new connections, interact with the students from various different courses, and also start the professional journey while doing so. Some of the benefits of becoming a Brand Ambassador:

Certification and Source of Income:

Most College Ambassador programs offer students an opportunity to gain professional experience and get industry exposure while doing so. Most of the programs offer stipends and certificates to the students participating in them.


Builds a Portfolio:

As soon as students become College Ambassadors with the help of brand-affiliated programs, they start working on different types of tasks such as communication, planning, marketing, etc. With the help of the experience the students gain during the internship, they can build an impressive portfolio for future employers.

Real-world Experience:

When students participate in the Ambassador's program, then, they get an opportunity to get valuable real-world industry experience. In the process, they also learn new skills, which is quite helpful for them as employers usually prefer candidates who are up for learning new skills and have experience.

Helps in Developing Skills:

As a Brand Ambassador, a student may need to develop several skills such as networking, marketing, communication, leadership, adaptability, time management,  developing several strategies for the promotion of the brand, and so on. With the help of this program, students can improve the skills they already possess and also learn new skills.

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Campus Brand Ambassadors Examples:

Now you must be wondering, are there any brands that are looking for  Campus Ambassadors? Well, here are some examples of some of the most famous companies that get benefitted from the Campus Ambassador Programs:


One of the most successful American- based technology companies, Apple, is a brand that thrives on repeat customers, and that is why they hire Campus Ambassadors so that they can focus on marketing strategy and activities that focus on product demonstration and educating students about their products.

Amazon Prime:

Another successful American technology company like Apple, Amazon Prime, also focuses on Campus Ambassador Programs, which is a great marketing tool to promote their brand, increase membership, and increase their brand's visibility.


Campus Ambassador Internship is a great chance for you as you get to learn new skills and gain knowledge about how things work in the real world. You may learn marketing strategies theoretically, but with the help of this program, you can apply the strategies in real life to promote brands and organizations. The most important part is that you gain knowledge along with getting monetary benefits. But the question here that might be stuck in your mind is, "Where to apply for a Campus Ambassador Internship?" If you are looking for the best Internship program, then you can definitely become a Partnered Campus Ambassador with iNeuBytes.

iNeuBytes' Campus Brand Ambassador Program offers a plethora of benefits, such as providing the students with exclusive access to training and webinars, gaining interdisciplinary skills, improving tech skills, and more. With the help of this program, students can get real-world insights, develop and work on their skills, and also get rewards such as coupons, incentives, and program certification. So what are you waiting for? Join the iNeuBytes' Campus Brand Ambassador Program now!.

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A Campus Ambassador Program is a short-term internship where the students can work while they are studying at the college. Companies hire students from University/ College campuses as Campus Brand Ambassadors to represent and promote their brands.

One can become a Campus Brand Ambassador by participating in camps that are organized by the colleges in collaboration with brands and organizations. You can also ask your friends about such opportunities or visit the website of brands or organizations where they provide information regarding their student programs. You can sign up for these programs by following the instructions on their sites.

Yes, most of the Campus Ambassador Programs pay the candidates or participants. Apart from monetary rewards, the Campus Ambassadors are also given incentives, coupons, free merchandise, and certification of the program.

Yes, becoming a Campus Ambassador is rewarding in terms of gaining real-world experience and developing skills while studying. Moreover, the Campus Ambassador also gets paid for promoting the brand or organization. It can also help in building an impressive portfolio.