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Style and Substance: Aesthetic Elements and Design Highlights of Honda Activa 6G

Style and Substance: Aesthetic Elements and Design Highlights of Honda Activa 6G

Honda is a prominent two-wheeler brand in India, with recent sales figures showing only 4.3 million units in FY2023. Honda’s most popular product – The Honda Activa, has maintained its reputation as India's favorite scooter. 


The Activa 6G is the most modern iteration available in India, thanks to a combination of factors that make it a preferred choice. Known for its reliability, smooth engine, and durable components, this scooter has managed to keep maintenance costs affordable. Let's explore the distinct features, design, and Honda Activa 6G price in India.

Subtle Style Enhancements - Colors and Design

Available in six vibrant colors, including blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey, the Activa 6G radiates a sense of individuality. There's even a special edition variant available, although in limited numbers. While the overall design retains its essence, this generation of Activa has received a subtle facelift. 

The Honda Activa 6G features chrome elements and a revised front design has given it a more appealing look. The headlamp, tail lamp, and mirrors have been refreshed for a sleeker appearance. The under-seat panel now boasts enhanced contours, and the front apron features chrome accents, adding a touch of sophistication to the scooter's aesthetics.

The All New BS6 Engine

The Activa 6G excels in delivering impressive mileage. With careful riding, it can achieve around 45-50 kmpl. Supported by a 5.3-liter fuel tank, this means you can cover nearly 250 km before needing a refuel. The 109cc BS6-compliant engine is not only highly refined but also quiet. Generating 7.6 bhp and 8.8 Nm of torque, it's slightly less powerful than its predecessor, Activa 5G, which produced 8 bhp and 9 Nm of torque.


The key upgrade lies in the new BS6-compliant, fuel-injected engine. Despite a slight reduction in power, this engine delivers a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency and smoother performance, as per Honda's claims.

Enhanced Features - Convenience and Comfort

The Activa 6G comes equipped with various additions for enhanced convenience. 

  • An external fuel filler cap 
  • Engine start-stop switch
  • Silent starter
  • Dual-function switch for seat and Fuel lid access. 

Notably, telescopic forks have been introduced in the front suspension, a significant upgrade. The scooter rides on 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, ensuring a balanced performance. With dimensions of 1833 mm in length, 697 mm in width, and 1156 mm in height, the Activa 6G offers a comfortable and spacious seat with a length of 692 mm.


All About the Smart Key Variant

The Smart Key Activa 6G bike features a new level of sophistication to the Activa 6G. It enables keyless operation for various functions, from unlocking the handlebar to accessing under-seat storage and fuel lid. This smart key even aids in locating the scooter in a crowded parking lot and includes an anti-theft function for added security. 

The scooter receives a host of new features, including Honda's ACG silent starter motor, integrated pass switch, double lid fuel filler cap, and an expanded under-seat storage capacity of 18 liters. The premium variant also boasts a DC LED headlamp for improved visibility.

Refined Hardware

To enhance comfort and stability, the Activa 6G boasts increased seat length, floorboard area, wheelbase, and ground clearance. These adjustments make it more suitable for various terrains and riding styles. 

Furthermore, the scooter has transitioned to telescopic forks at the front, while retaining the rear mono-shock. The larger 12-inch front wheel, paired with a 10-inch rear wheel, offers improved handling. The braking system is equipped with drum brakes on both ends, supported by a combined braking system for enhanced safety.

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The Honda Activa 6G Price range creatively combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a stylish yet practical option for Indian riders. Its subtle design enhancements, fuel-efficient BS6 engine, and convenient features like the Smart Key variant make it an appealing choice. 

Honda's commitment to improving dimensions, hardware, and overall riding experience further solidifies the Activa 6G's place as a trusted companion on India's roads. As the Honda Activa 6G continues to captivate hearts with its style and substance, it's no wonder it holds its position as a beloved scooter in the country.