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Top Adventure Activities Places in Jaipur

Top Adventure Activities Places in Jaipur

Are you in Rajasthan and wondering about the adventure places in Jaipur? Jaipur is a place that is synonymous with Fun and adventure, and when we talk about places where you can full fill your adventure spree, then there is plenty of it. The capital city has some of the most fun places you can find in the entire state. Planning about an adventure trip and wondering where to go in Jaipur? Let us know about these fun-filled and thrilling places here.


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The Timber Adventure for Zorbing:

All those Zorbing and fun-loving people out there, we have something for you! There is a place for you in Jaipur to enjoy it- The Timber Adventure. Get fit in the giant see-through inflatable Zorbing with your friends and take the adventure next level by ruling over and bumping into each other without any stop getting injured. Doesn't it sound chaotic and fun? The ticket cost to enter this adventure space is about INR 270 to 315.

Jungle Safari at Amer:

You cannot separate adventure and jungle safari as the town of Amer has bought you the perfect Jungle adventure that you always wanted to have. It is your perfect chance to understand more about wildlife such as snakes, dear, leopards, peacocks, and more. It is a place that is only a few miles away from the city of Jaipur, and yet the jungle safari is that is in this town is extremely adventurous and one of the sought-after adventure things to do in Jaipur. The cost of the Jungle Safari here is approximately 2399 INR.

ATV Bike Ride for the bikers out there:

Talk about an adventure park in Jaipur; we cannot miss mentioning ATV Bike Ride. It is more than just a fun place. It is what you call chill and thrill while enjoying the time of your life. It is an adventure sport that you can enjoy in Jaipur and get a unique thrill all-terrain vehicle that allows you to right the roughest part and enjoy with your friends for an adventurous day. You can enjoy this sport at Naila Bagh, and it will cost you around INR 4000.


Rifle shooter for the sniper in you:

Are you a fan of James Bond movies? Are you interested in military training but can't fulfil your shooting dreams? With one of the best adventure sports in Jaipur, Rifle shooting, you can! It is a sport that is adventurous and a great learning proportionality you can learn, and the star shooting academy, where you can handle and operate a firearm within the guidance of skilled people. In no time, you will be able to learn basic level or even perfect the skill that you may already have. The firearm used here is 10 m pistols and rifles. The cost per person here is about INR 720.

Moto sports park for the Moto Lovers:

For the moto lovers out there, one of the top adventure activities in Jaipur is definitely Moto sports Parks! It is a park that is exclusively reserved for the famous ATV rides that are quite popular among tourists and locals. If you are looking for a thrilling evening, then you can certainly enjoy this adventurous place as it has some of the best adventure packages, such as Rage Buggy Rides, Hammerhead Rides, Polaris RZR rides, and so on. If you are up for this adventure, then you can take any of the packages, and packages will start at INR 900 onwards.

Camel rides in the dunes:

Camel rides have been one of the top activities for adventure in Jaipur. It is one of the most common yet most experiences that you can ever experience visiting the beautiful city of Jaipur. Camel is an animal that is magnificent, and the right on it is more thrilling to any person. If you are up for a day enjoying Jaipur's top places while riding a camel, you can enjoy this at Fort Madhogarh. The cost per person for this activity is INR 1500.


Elephant rides and safari:

How can we forget to mention the Elephant ride and safari after mentioning the camel ride? When searching for Jaipur adventure places, you cannot go wrong with Elephant safaris. It is indeed one of the most famous activities in Jaipur, which will get a travelling during the duration of 4 hours elephant ride. This elephant ride will begin with exploring different places in Jaipur, such as the city palace, Hawa Mahal, and Jal Mahal and other places where you can go sightseeing while riding an elephant. Isn't it a thrilling experience? Well, if you want to experience the same, then you can book Elephant Safari from any tourism agency, and it might cost you around 2000 to 3000 INR.

Other activities adventure Places in Jaipur:

If you are still not sure where to go, then here are some of the places where you can be:

Cycling Tour: a tour of the countryside in Jaipur

Excursions: Take a 12 hours Excursion at the Ranthambore National Park

Swimming and Two Rope: Go to the Timber Adventure ambience for these enthralling activities

Hot Air Balloon: A perfect adventure sports in Kukas Jaipur, take a ride in the Aravali Hills.

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It is right to say that the capital city has lots of adventure places that you can add to the list of  'adventure places in Jaipur.' if you are looking for an exciting one that is full of fun and adventure, then try these itineraries that we have mentioned here. These are only some of the places that we have mentioned here, as Jaipur has a lot to offer. So why don't you take out some time from your busy life and go for the little adventure that you always wanted to but couldn't? Pack your bags, call your friends or plan it with your family, or even go for a solo trip to enjoy the adventure that you are missing in your life!