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Who Preached the Idea of Untouchability and Child Marriage?

Who Preached the Idea of Untouchability and Child Marriage?

At the time of British rule, untouchability and child marriage were preached by religious leaders. Due to such preachings, social and religious degradation lead to pushing women to stay inside their homes. 


How did the preachings of the religious leaders affect women?

The religious leaders spread false information and preach the ideas of child marriage and untouchability. As per their beliefs, whoever crossed the seas would lose their religion, and also that all the misery that happened at that time was because of women. 

Provide an account of the role of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in spreading awareness in India.

A true nationalist, a learned man, and a social reformer, Raja Ram Mohan Roy was from Bengal and understood well what was lacking and wrong with Indian society. He spread awareness regarding untouchability and child marriage in society and also asked the people of India to throw out superstitions from their life. He took pride in Indian culture and also asked the people to feel the same way to feel proud of their culture and learn English.  After reforming themselves and learning English, they would be able to write the British parliament to get a fair deal. 

How did Raja Ram Mohan Roy spread awareness to the people regarding religion, and how did he quote that every religion teaches the same principle?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was against the social evils that prevailed in India during the time of the Britishers. He campaigned for the rights of women, for the right to hold property, the right to widow remarriage, and other rights for women. He also spoke and campaigned against polygamy, the degradation of the State of women, child marriage, untouchability, the caste system, the use of intoxicants, and superstitions. Due to his efforts, the abolition of Sati took place in 1829. He quoted his wife Uma: "Cows are of different colors, but the color of their milk is the same. Different teachers have different opinions, but the essence of every religion is the same."

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What were the religious leaders are preachers believe about crossing the sea and the woman?

As per the religious leaders and preachers, it was believed that whoever would cross the sea would lose their religion. They also preach that all the misery that has happened and is going to happen in the world is due to women. This kind of preaching led to the degradation of women's status in the country, and they were only reduced to staying inside their homes.

What were the different strategies that were used by the British India Company to rule over India?

The British came to India to spread trade, and the main agenda was to make a profit out of the trade; for that, they needed ruling power and political power over Indians to continue and thrive in their trade. In order to continue their agenda,  the Britishers employed heavy taxes on the peasants and also started importing English goods so that the demand for Indian goods would decrease along with their value. The goods that were imported were exempted from import duties. All these things led to decreasing value of Indian goods, and the trade-related Indian companies were ruined in the process. Moreover, there was rivalry among Indian rulers that helped to dethrone the rulers who did not obey them.

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