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Tourist Places in Sikar Rajasthan With Photos

Tourist Places in Sikar Rajasthan With Photos

Have a day in hand and want to visit the Best places in Sikar Rajasthan, But are you not sure which one to visit? Well, we do understand this because sicker has a lot of tourist attractions such as museums, temples, Gardens, and beautiful mountains, which does make it hard to choose one. But don't worry, as we are here with some of the best places that you can visit on a lovely weekend.


Best Places to Visit in Sikar Rajasthan:

Khatushyamji Temple:

When you talk about the tourist places in Sikar and Khatu Shyam Ji Temple differently, it is at the top because it is a famous temple that has been a center of attraction for many devotees visiting from the country. It is around 65 km from Sikar and is a pilgrimage site of the Hindu God Lord Krishna. It was built in 1027 ad by Roop Singh Chauhan, and since then, it has been placing which is famous among devotees for its legends and myth. The annual Khatu Shyam Ji Mela aur fair held in the Temple is definitely a sight worth watching.

How to Reach at Khatushyamji Temple-

You can come to Khatu Shyam ji mandir by bus and train as it is near the Reengus Junction, which is only 18.5 km away from the premises of the Temple.


Harshnath Temple Sikar:

Sikar has a lot of temples nearby, but these temples have their sacred importance. Once it's, Temple is Harshnath Temple which is 14 km from Sikar city. The Temple has its architectural charm as it was constructed around the 10th century during the reign of Vigraharaja, a Chahamana king.

It is a place that is distinct on its own because of the breathtaking designs of the sculptures and the view it has because of the Aravali Hills in which the Temple is built. Harshnath Temple, one of the well-known Sikar tourist places, is crowded in the spring and monsoon seasons because of its overflowing beauty of nature. During Shivratri, hundreds of devotees come to the Temple to pray to the lord Shiva.


How to Reach Harshnath Temple-

If you plan to visit Harsh Nath Temple, you can travel by bus and train, as the Sikar junction is just 14 km away from the Temple.

Jeen Mata Mandir Sikar:

Located at a distance of around 29 km from the Sikar district Jeen Mata is a village with its own sacredness as it is where the Ancient Temple Shree Jeen Mataji Mandir ( The Goddess of Power) is situated. In Navratri festival, it is a place where devotees swarm. It is situated near the village Rewasa on the top of a hill surrounded by forest. It is blessed with sacredness and flora, making it a perfect place to find peace.


Located in the beautiful town of Neem ka Thana, Ganeshwar is famous for its excavation site. It is one of the oldest Civilization proofs with 4000-year-old ruins, which fascinates tourists and archaeological scholars. One of the Other major crowd pullers of this village is the one who can treat any skin disease by depending on the hot Sulphur Springs.

How to reach at Ganeshwar-

One can reach this one of the best places to visit in Sikar, Rajasthan, by bus, taxi, and Railway, which is well connected with Sikar roads and Railways. You can even get higher a cab or taxi from Sikar.

Laxmangarh Fort:

In the beautiful town of Laxmangarh, one of the most visited places to visit in Sikar,  there lies a Majestic creation by Maharaja Rao Raja Lakshman Singh Shekhawat, who built the beautiful Laxmangarh Fort in the 19th century. It is a Fort known for its architectural beating as it is built upon scattered pieces of huge rocks, which is a wonder.

This Fort is about 5 km from the town and is located in the village of Hamirpura. If you are looking for a Rajasthani architectural gemstone, this is a place where you need to be to spend your weekend.

How to reach the Fort:

The town of Laxmangarh is well connected with Sikar, and you can take a bus or a taxi to reach the destination.

Devgarh Palace:

If you get a sneak peek into the world of Royals, what is better than visiting a palace on the Aravali mountain range's Hilltop? It is located at an above-sea-level altitude of 2100 feet and offers a serene and beautiful view due to its landscapes and lakes. The place is decorated with different Mirrors and morals taking you back to the time of royal kings and Queens. The place is perfect for an Instagram photo and is where people go for wedding photoshoots.

How to reach

If you plan to go to Devghar, you can visit by bus as it is well connected with the speaker, and there is also Marwar and Udaipur junction which is close to the location.

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Sikar may seem like a place that may not offer much sightseeing but do not be mistaken, as this city has much to offer. The temples, palaces, museums, and Hills make it a perfect gateway for a weekend in the Best places in Sikar Rajasthan. So what are you waiting for? Plan a short little trip to this small but fantastic place today!


The Sikar city is famous for its Harshnath Temple, situated at the top of a hill, making it a perfect place to offer prayer to God and do some sightseeing.

Yes, Khatu Shyam Ji temple is open during this time as the timings of the Temple are 5 am to 9.30 pm.

The best way to reach Sikar is by taking buses, trains, or private vehicles, as Sikar doesn't have an airport.

Sikar is near Jaipur, which is only 100 km apart; Shekhawati is only 1 km from Sikar; Nawalgarh is 30 km from Sikar Agra, which is 287 km from Sikar Mandava is also located near Sikar, which is 49 km away.

Rajasthan is a state known for extreme temperatures, and during summers, it may become a bit scorching for you to visit any site. It is best to visit from October to March so that the weather can be pleasant and you can get the most out of your traveling experience.