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Still here I carry old delicious burdens figure of speech?

Still here I carry old delicious burdens figure of speech?

Answer of Still here I carry old delicious burdens figure of speech-

It is a hyperbole, a figure of speech that exaggerates or separates the meaning from the actual meaning of something. It is employed to compare different attributes, characteristics, and objects. Here the poet is referring to the sweet memories of the past with the help of the phrase all delicious burdens.


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Hyperbole is a figure of speech that involves exaggeration for emphasis or effect. It is used to create a strong impression or to make a point more dramatically. In this context, the speaker exaggerates the weight and significance of their past experiences, suggesting that they are burdensome but also delicious. The speaker adds depth and complexity to their language by using hyperbole, making the phrase more memorable and engaging. Hyperbole is a common literary tool used in poetry, prose, and other forms of creative writing to add interest and impact to the language. Apart from the Hyperbole literary term, other literary terms are used:

Paradox: It is a phrase taken from the Song of the Open Road poem. The point that one needs to note is that a burden can never be delicious, but the poet is emphasizing that his burdens are delicious. The poetic device used in this sentence is the paradox, an expression containing different and opposite ideas that make it seem unlikely. The poet here is expressing contradictory emotions where he can make his heart full of sweet memories of the people he wants to be away from the attachment. Overall he wants to cherish this sweet memory forever. The poet wants to keep the experiences and memories for a long time in his heart.

Metaphor: In this phrase, the poet doesn't mean the Road to be the real Road to travel but the Road of life to travel. It is a metaphor in which a hidden meaning or implied meaning is provided with a comparison between two unrelated things with some basic characteristics that are quite common. Here the poet refers to the path of life where he is traveling to be content and strong and is satisfied with his life's journey and whatever he has.