Kondaveedu Fort: Information, History, Timings, Images

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A Fort set at an elevation of about 292 m above sea level in the district of Guntur, Kondaveedu Fort, is indeed the pride of Andhra Pradesh. The Fort is a sight to see, which is why it is in the progress of classification as a UNESCO World Heritage site—getting curious? What is different about this Fort? Want to know more about this fabulous Fort? If so, then read this whole blog out to know the significance and importance of the hidden Gem of India:

The Location of the Fort:

The Kondaveefu Fort is located about 16 miles West of the district of Guntur in the small village of Chilakaripet, in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated in our coastal region and is a hill fortress in Edlapadu Mandal, Kondaveedu, Andhra Pradesh.

Kondaveedu Fort History in English:

Built by the Reddi Dynasty’s ruler Prolaya Vema Reddi, Kondaveedu Fort was when capital between 1328 and 1482 of the Reddy dynasty, which earlier had the capital, Addanki. Later on, it came under the control of the Vijayanagara ruler in 1516, Krishnadevaraya. After that, Sultan Quli Qutb Shah invaded the Fort in 1579 after a long struggle of wars between Golconda sultans and the Kingdom. After capturing the Fort, the Sultan named it Murtazanagar.

In 1752 the Fort came under the control of the French colonized, and then it passed to the British East India Company in 1788. However, it was abundant in the early 19th century, and since then, it has come under Indian government control. The Fort faced several battles and fortifications, which led to damage, and ruins can be seen there.

What was the significance of The Fort?

  • As we know, the Fortress was once the capital of the Reddi kingdom. It was delimited between the Krishna River and Gundlakamma River as the Fort is constructed on a High Ridge and has two hills which are said to be the preferred way or the preferred access to the Forts.
  • It is a place that is surrounded by greenery, and one can do tracking in the area as well. The forest area has several such as custard apple and Noni trees. Oval Hill has a reserve forest and is also beautiful. The highlight of the hill is the 17 hairpin, which a road lover will definitely enjoy.
  • Apart from that, the Ghat road here is about 4 km and has about 20 hairpin bends, which is Thumbs up for anyone up for road travel.

So why not book a can or get your vehicle to enjoy the roads to the destination? The Fort also has two other forts nearby, so if you want to explore more, you can definitely visit it. It is a place for panoramic views and the best way to spend time with your friends while trekking. This Fort and the hill has everything that you are looking for! If you are curious about the place and here are some of the Kondaveedu images:

Kondaveedu Fort Timings:

If you are considering visiting this beautiful Fort, you should visit between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. as these are the times. However, the timings may differ during Ramnavami. The best time to visit this beautiful Fort/ place is between the month- November to March.

Kondaveedu Fort Images:

Kondaveedu Fort images Kondaveedu Fort image Kondaveedu Fort image Kondaveedu Fort photo

What are the Major Highlights:

Wondering what are the places where you can have the time of your life near this Fort? Is it near the Fort? Well, here are some major attractions:

Amareshwara Swamy Temple:

The Amareshwara Swamy Temple, located in Amravati, is a famous place in Andhra Pradesh and one of the Pancharama kshetras. It is dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.


Kakani Malleswara Swamy temple is quite an attraction as it was constructed during the reign of Vijayanagara king, King Krishnadevaraya.

Undavalli Caves:

If you want to get awestruck by the old Cave’s beauty, this is where you should be, as this Cave has cut the northern slope of The Hills into 3 levels.


A place that is said to have had around 1000 temples long ago, Chebrole is where you should know about age-old temples, and you are like it to see temples in every direction you go.

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary:

If you are a person who gets immense Joy from bird sitting, then this is the place best for you as it has migratory birds coming across from different countries such as Australia and Serbia.

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Kondaveedu Fort is a hidden gem in Andhra Pradesh and has much to offer besides its ruins. The hilly area is excellent for trekking, and the ruins are there for you to tell a story of the past. Even the route to the destination may be an out-of-the-world experience for you. So why not take a remote little getaway to this beautiful place and create some good memories that will be there with you forever? So pack your bags and explore the beauty of  Kondaveedu Fort now!


How far is Kondaveedu Fort from Hyderabad?

Kondaveedu Fort is about 275 km away from Hyderabad. You can hire a cab or take public transport to reach the Fort.

How to go to Kondaveedu Fort?

You can reach Kondaveedu Fort by reaching the Guntur District, which is well connected by roads and trains.


How to Reach Kondaveedu Fort:

By Airport:

If you are planning to fly to this beautiful Fort, you can get into the nearest airport in Vijayawada, which is only 31 km away from the Fort. From here you can take a private cab or use public transport.

By Train:

Guntur District is well connected to trains, so that you can come to the district from any city in India, and from there, you can take a private cab or use public transport.

By Road:

Guntur District is also well connected regarding roads, so you can come to the district from any city in India by bus and take a cab or use public transport to reach the Fort.

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