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Mukesh Mills: The Most Haunted Places in Mumbai | Mukesh Mills Haunted Story

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Mukesh Mills: The Most Haunted Places in Mumbai | Mukesh Mills Haunted Story

Mukesh Mills With its spooky history and sketchy reputation, it's not for the faint of heart. But if you're looking for a little thrill, Mukesh Mills is the perfect place for the adventurous person inside you! So what is it all about? Let us know here!


Mukesh Mills Mumbai: Where is it?

The Diwakar Building is like a historical landmark in Mumbai. It's been around since the 1870s, and it's one of the only mills in South Bombay that was built on the Arabian Sea shoreline. Mukesh Mills is located in the Diwakar Building in Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai. It's just over seven kilometres from Mumbai central railway station. The owner of East African Hardware limited, Muljibhai Madhavani, constructed it back in the day, and it's been a popular spot ever since.

History of Mukesh Mills: The Fire Mystery

  • The land of Mukesh Mills was transformed in 1975, but the business only lasted a few years before closing.
  • In 1982, a devastating fire forced these mills to shut down forever. However, the cause of the fire is still unknown to this day. The mills have remained closed ever since.
  • The number of member deaths in Mukesh Mills is unknown. But we know that the mill's working and living conditions were poor and that many workers died due to the fire accident. Let's have a look at Mukesh Mills images here:

Mukesh mill Haunted- A Real-life Horror Movie:

Mukesh mill is often said to be haunted. The story goes that a film director was scouting locations to shoot a horror movie a few years ago. He came across the mill and thought it would be perfect for the film. The crew started filming but soon began to experience paranormal activity.

Some believe this is why many actors and directors avoid shooting in that area. Strange things are said to happen there, like ghostly footsteps, eerie sounds, and ghostly figures. People have also reported the sensation of being watched.

Mukesh Mills Haunted Story- Stories Circulating:

  • A possessed actress: Mukesh Mills Mumbai story

The Mukesh Mill's Haunted Story is the stuff of nightmares. An actress was shooting on location when suddenly, her voice changed. She warned everyone to leave immediately, and they all believed an evil entity possessed her. Consequently, the whole crew left and never came back!


  • A night of mystery for the watchman:

The story of Mukesh Mills is a bit of a mystery. One night, the watchman closed the gates to the mill, and as he stepped out, he heard music coming from inside the property. The next day, he checked but found no one there. To this day, no one knows where the music came from or why it stopped as soon as the watchman left.

  • A Nightmare for a father:

Mukesh Mills have been through a lot in their day - from being the site of a shooting to having a ten-year-old girl be possessed on set. The poor child started rolling on the ground with her hands turned backwards and caused everyone - including the other kids - to scream and cry in terror.

The father of the possessed child quickly drove away from the mills with his daughter, and she returned to normal. Mukesh Mills is definitely not a place for the faint of heart!


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Bollywood Shooting and Events at Mukesh Mills:

Despite the ghost stories, Mukesh Mills is a famous filming location for Hindi films. Films like Hum and Sadak have shot some of their most iconic scenes at the mill, and more recent films like Heropanti and Om Shanti Om have also used it as a filming location.

Believe it or not, Mumbai's abandoned Mukesh Mills has been the site of some unique events. In 2016, Cafe Zoe held a special dinner at the mills, and in 2020, Amit Aggarwal closed Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort there. Bollywood stars and big names in the fashion industry were in attendance. Not to mention, the site has also been used as a wedding location!

The claims about Mukesh Mills are unverified and mostly come from hearsay. The site is now closed off to shoots or visitors. The Mukesh Mills are notorious for their hauntings. Popular belief is that the spirits of the workers who died in the fire still roam the premises. However, we wouldn't recommend going for a wander inside at night!


Mukesh Mills is open to the public, so you can definitely visit! Just be aware that you might encounter something spooky. So be prepared.

Mukesh Mills was strictly prohibited because of the deaths that happened due to the tragic fire. But there are also other stories floating around about the place, like ghost stories.