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Killing Rats With Salt: Ways to Get Rid of the Rats

Killing Rats With Salt: Ways to Get Rid of the Rats

Want to try killing rats with salt? Should you just sprinkle it on rats or make them eat something salty? Not sure how to do it? Well, rats seriously make slime unbearable by cutting your house's electric wires, walls, and other important here and there. These rats are living rent-free!! Of course, you can do a quick fix by killing them with rat poison, but that is not what you should do if you have a pet at home, as the poison might turn your furry one ill. So, what is the safest option that you can do? Well, let's find out:


How does salt work?

If you are searching for a way of killing rats online, then you may have come across killing rates with salt by now. The question here is, does it work? Salt is a natural rat repellent, and that is why it can help in killing a rat. As per the study, it is suggested that rata can take a day or less to die after consuming a large amount of salt. How huge, you may ask? Well, it must be at least 80 grams (0.17 lbs) for it to actually work. If a rat consumes more than 75 to 80 grams of salt, then it may result into them getting into neurological issues such as hearing loss,  blindness, muscular paralysis, general weakness, and so on. Apart from that, it may also result in less such inflammation in the system of the rat,  gastroenteritis, and more. Is this problematic? Yup, it is!

Killing Rats with Salt and Detergent:

Wondering how to kill a rat with salt? Is adding detergent also beneficial? If we combine salt and detergent with any food, then it can help in getting rid of rats. Keep the combination in any area where you suspect rats.

Ways in which you can get rid of rats using salt and detergent:

  • You can use rat chow as bait and add cheese to it.
  • If chow does not work, you can use cheese as it is known to be one of the favorite delicacies of rats.
  • The reason why cheese can prove to be an ideal foil is that the scent of cheese is quite appealing to rat because the rodents have a heightened sense of smell.
  • One must add at least 80 gm of salt to cheese as the pesky rodents can’t bear the effect of such large quantity of salt in their body.
  • If cheese does not work, you can seek help from food items such as bacon, fish, etc. as these food items provide a strong enough scent that attracts the nostrils of the rat.
  • Peanut butter can also prove to be a effective bait as it easily dissolves the salt due to it’s creamy texture.
  • Or you can add salt to along with detergent to any food and place in the cupboard or any areas of your house that are plagued by rats.
  • The reason for the success of this solution is that rats get highly attracted to food, including salts but consuming excessive salts is toxic to them.
  • If the salt consumption is more than 75 gm, the rats will not be able to survive and will die within a day of consumption.
  • These pesky rodents will start suffering from neurological problems such as deafness, blindness, muscle paralysis, and overall weakness.
  • The other ailments from which the rats will suffer after the consumption of combination of salt and detergent are general inflammation of the system and gastroenteritis.

This remedy will help you in getting rid of the rats on a permanent basis and they will never get into your house and affect you.

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Merits and Demerits of Killing Rats With Salt:

There are certain merits and demerits associated with killing rats with salt. Below we are discussing the merits and demerits associated with this process.


Using salt to kill rats is indeed one of the most affordable methods as it is available easily at your home, so you don't need to purchase some products.

Safe for your pet:

When you are trying to kill a rat with rat poison, then it can be fatal even for your pets at home. And another important point to consider here is that that poison should also be kept on kids. But that is not the case when it comes to Salt; it is safe, and you don't have to worry about always getting paranoid after using rat poison.




It is true that the salt may do its work, but in comparison to the rat poison, it may not be as you want it to be. It may take up to 18 to 24 hours to show the full effect on a rat. Moreover, in a large rat population, salt may seem ineffective, so if you don't deal with the rats quickly, your home may be overrun with rodents.


While setting up the bait, make sure that there is no water around it. Salt may do its work if the right proportion is used, but that will only work if the rats don't consume water. If rats consume water, then it may counter the effects of salt.


Salt is indeed an ingredient that is commonly available in any household. Killing rats with salt can be an effective home remedy for getting rid of those nibbling demons. However, before you get your hands on this remedy, make sure that you are using the right quantity of salt, i.e., at least 80 grams of it. So mix salt with cheese or put it in peanut butter for a quick, but that actually works. Also, make sure to keep sources of water closed before you set the bait so that rats may not drink water. If you have water in the sink, make sure to discard it. So try out this remedy to lessen the number of rats that you may have in your home right now.