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Jivdhan Fort: Trek, Height, Map, Tour, Images and History

Jivdhan Fort: Trek, Height, Map, Tour, Images and History

Surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna views, Jivdhan Fort is a blissful place for trackers in India. It is a fort 1 km away from the district of Junnar. An area covered with dense forest is your calling if you are a nature lover and want to explore whether you have a camping and trekking spirit. The wildlife here is sure to amaze you, with giant squirrels roaming around in the hills. Getting all curious? Well, let us know about this beautiful and amazing place here.


Location: Jivdhan Fort Height

Standing at 3755 feet above sea level, Jivdhan fort in Ghatkar Junnar in Maharashtra is among one of the main five tracks in Maharashtra. It is a fort that has 2 main entrances. One entrance is Naneghat, which has the Kalyan Gate, and the other is in Ghatgar village, which has the Junnar Gate. This also has a water cistern on the hill. It also has five tanks, out of which two are adjourned.

Jivdhan Fort Map and Images:

Jivdhan Fort images Jivdhan Fort images Jivdhan Fort images Jivdhan Fort images

Jivdhan Fort History:

  • The history of this Fort dates back to the Maratha empire and is believed to be built by the founder of the Maratha empire Shivaji Maharaj in the 17th century. It was built to have a strategic military hold for battles against different rulers of regional powers and the Mughal Empire.
  • The Fort has undergone massive renovation and improvements over the centuries, and the architecture covered on the Fort has different influences and styles of dynasties that have ruled over the centuries in the region. However, the Jivdhan Fort is not much known compared to the other resorts nearby. However, it has gained popularity among tourists due to its undisputed beauty and Trekkers, photographers, history buffs, and more.
  • After the reign of Marathas, the Mughals came into the position and captivated the Fort. An after that, it was invaded by the Britishers in the year 1818. It was sacked and plundered by the East India Company.

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Jivdhan Fort Trek:

There are water tanks on the Hilltop, though the water is to be used with caution as it is nearby the tanks. However, the cistern near the Kalyan gate is potable water that you can drink from there. The hilly area and the fault are covered with different types of thorn shrubs, so one needs to be careful while passing through it. Apart from that, Giant squirrels can be spotted in the forest. The Kalyan is in good condition; however, the temple of the goddess and the storehouse at the Hilltop is not in good condition, so the tourists do not explore it much.


It has a Pinnacle, namely Venderlingi, that is 385 feet. If you want to reach the Pinnacle, you can surmount it using Rock climbing equipment. You can also see the other 4 Forts from here: Chavand, Shivneri, Naneghat, and Hadsar.

One can reach the Jivdhan for a trek by two routes: one is the Ghatghat route, and the other is one Naneghat route. If you are an experienced person in tracking, then the Naneghat route is best for you; otherwise, take the other if you are a rookie. Also, it is recommended to be careful as there are reported missing cases while trekking. It is good to be adventurous, but a little caution can always prevent unfortunate incidents.

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Jivdhan fort Trek-

The trekking distance of Jivdhan Fort is around 2389 ft and a distance of talent km, which will take around 7 hours to complete, so it is suggested to take food and water while going for a trek. The history of this place is to Satavahana Dynasty and has Lord Ganesh and colors engraved on the Fort. Naneghat pass near the Fort was the trading route to Kalyan and Junnar, which was guarded as it has a strategic location for other kingdoms.

What  the Jivdhan Fort has for you to offer:

This is a great place for you to hang out for a full day, as it has a lot to offer.

  • At the top of the hill, it has an unexplored storehouse with a temple of Goddesses, and also you can go for an adventurous spree by exploring the main gate and the Kalyan Gate.
  • It has a Pinnacle near that is about 300 and 85 feet high. You can view this place's beauty and go rock climbing.
  • This place is in biodiversity and wildlife as you can spot Shekhru, a type of squirrel only available in India. You can also spot some prickly shirts, such as Kate Adhulsa, while going for a trek.
  • It also has a museum so you can get an induct knowledge of the history of the Maratha empire and not about the unexplored information of the Fort.
  • When it comes to landscaping views, then you cannot miss this place as it has great sceneries and landscapes. Some major places you can explore are Hadsar Fort, Naneghat Pass, Nimgri Fort, Chavand Fort, Ajoba Parvat, Manikdoh Dam, and more.


Jivdhan Fort is the place to be if you are looking for a place that is not explored much and can be "your hangout place." The weather here is pleasant, and the best month to visit this place is October to February, as the hill is at its peak of beauty and is best for outdoor activities. You can go for a Jivdhan Fort Tour and experience the adventure that the place unfolds for you. You can visit the temple or picnic with your family for a great experience. Pack your bags and go for a trip to this amazing place!


You can reach Jivdhan Fort by reaching the nearest city, Pune, and from there, it is about 120 km. So you can take a private taxi or local buses to reach Junnar, Maharashtra, where the Fort is located.

Jivdhan Fort is located near trek in Junnar, in Pune. It is a kilometer away from Naneghat Pass, Bhatnagar.