Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur: Timings, Photos, History

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A place known for its iconic star shape,  Manjarabad Fort is a hidden gem of Karnataka. It is a fort in Sakleshpur and is famous among tourists because of its stunning views and beautiful scenery. The Fort is only 2.5 km from the town Sakaleshpura on the right bank of the Hemavathi river. It is the perfect place to disconnect from the busy life and connect with nature with exciting views and nature. If you are getting curious about this majestic Fort, then read out the full blog to learn more about how you can reach and enjoy the views of this Fort:

Manjarabad Fort History:

The Fort was built by Tipu Sultan in 1792; Tipu Sultan was then ruling on behalf of the Mysore king. It has the French Star shaped for design and was made popular by Sebastien Prestressed de Vauban, Which showed cannon fire and allowed guns to cover the approaching without any positions. As this Fort is located on the top of the hill with an elevation of 988 meters, it provides a commanding view of the overall surroundings and a jaw-dropping view.

  • When it comes to the history of the building, this majestic Fort was built by the famous ruling figure Tipu Sultan in the year 1792, when he was establishing his unity by fighting against other South Indian dynasties and establishing his sovereignty while doing so. This was when even Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas aligned with the Britishers.
  • Still, the Sultan was not among them and wanted to make a highway between Coorg and Mangalore to secure the expansion program.
  • This Fort has a French star-shaped design because he had aligned with the French against the Britishers at that time, and so he took help from the French engineers to build a fort that was different than the usual Indian style and gave more European style.
  • When the Fort was completed, Tipu Sultan came to inspect it and found it obtained fog, which is why it was named Manjari bad Fort, which means fog or mist in the Kannada language. The most surprising element of this Fort is that it was only built in a day by his soldiers.
  • The Fort has an eight-pointed star design, and the walls of the Fort are built with lime, mortar, and granite stone.

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Here are some of the Manjarabad Fort photos:

Manjarabad Fort photo Manjarabad Fort photo Manjarabad Fort photo Manjarabad Fort photo

Manjarabad Fort Timings:

If you plan to visit this fort, the best time is during winter or post-monsoon, as it is famously known for its misty views. Even Tipu Sultan named this fort, Manjarabad as it has mist surrounding it. You can visit the fort from 8 AM to 6 PM as it is open during this time, and there is no entry fee also.

After visiting the fort, if you have some time to spend, you can go to other places around Sakleshpur, such as Abbey Falls, Magajahalli waterFalls, Sakaleshwara temple, Bettada Byraveshwara Temple, and more.

Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur Karnataka:

Manjarabad Fort Fort is in Sakleshpur and is a majestic fort that has stood the test of time. It is known for its unique star-shaped design, which has been the center of attraction among tourists. It is hard to tell that the fort has a star-shaped design. However, if you walk around to a perimeter, you will get an idea that the eight walls with the bastions are designed in an arrowhead, giving it a unique shape. You can see this fort’s amazing view as it is 3000 m above sea level, and if you’re lucky enough, you can even see as far as the Arabian Sea.

This fort is believed to have several underground tunnels connected with Srirangapatna fort and Mysore. However, per the government’s instruction and the tourism Board, the tunnels are closed so no one can get inside them to avoid accidents or incidents.

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The fort may have been constructed in a European style, but the raw materials used in the walls are like mortar and Granite stones for the exterior walls, and it was also constructed with fired bricks. The fort is covered with green valleys, streams, and hillocks, dense forest, which is a great feature as one can only expect great views while standing near the fort wall. It is a great place for those who want to connect to nature and relieve the time of history and the marvel of architecture.

So if you are willing to take a day off from your life and go to a peaceful, stunningly beautiful, and serene place, this is the spot for you. Moreover, it is a place where many people come to do some photo shoots. So if you want to step up your Instagram game, you should go to this place! So pack your bags and get ready to visit the beautiful Manjrabad Fort and get awe-struck by its beauty!


Who built Manjarabad Fort?

Manjharabad Fort was built by Tipu Sultan with the help of French engineers and architects and his soldiers in a day.

How to reach Manjarabad Fort?

If you want to reach Manjarabad Fort, you don’t have to worry much about traveling as Saklespur is well connected. Sakleshpur is in the Hassan district, and the Manjarabad Fort is in it. If you plan to visit this beautiful fort, you can take a bus from Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Mysore, or Hubli. You can do the same in rail/ train too. You can take the nearest airport, which is in Bangalore, to reach the place, as Hassan is well-connected to Bangalore. It only takes around four hours to reach Hassan from Bangalore, and the fort is only 40 km from the Hassan district headquarters. So book your means of transport today and be ready to get awe-struck by this beautiful fort.

Where is Manjarabad Fort?

It is in Sakleshpur, which is in the district of Hassan, Karnataka.

What is the distance between Manjarabad Fort distance from Bangalore?

It is about 226.3 km, about 4 hours and 15 mins drive.

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