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Hadsar Fort: A Trekking Experience We All Need

Hadsar Fort: A Trekking Experience We All Need

A beautiful trail located in the region of Junnar, Hadsar Fort is a must-visit place in Pune that most people are unaware of. Hidden in The Hills of Pune, this Fort has a natural beauty due to the Sahyadri range and a plethora of flora and fauna, making it a picturesque Fort surrounded by scenic beauty. If you are looking for an adventurous place that is a beautiful escape from your busy life, then Hadsar Fort can be a perfect Getaway. Before you embark on a journey, let's know about this beautiful place here:


The Location of Hadsar Fort:

In the region of Junnar, the Hadsar Fort is located in the district of Pune. The reason has different types of forts, which are men to protect the commercial trade route between the Mawal region and the Kalyan region through the Naneghat. A great sculpture based on design is there at the entrance of the Fort, which is unique and carved from a single rock.

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Hadsar Fort Trek:

If you are interested in trekking, Hadsar Fort is the perfect gateway for you, as this region consists of different beautiful Forts starting from the Naneghat. Hadsar Fort is also a great medium track for the difficulty level. The reason is a five- to six-day trek from the Naneghat. It then continues to Jeevdhan, Shivneri, Hadsar, Harishchandragad, and Lenyadri. So if you are feeling a bit of adventure, you can try this trek with your friends.

The History behind Hadsar Fort:

Earlier named Parvat Garh, Hadsar Fort was constructed during the Satvaahans and was quite populated. It was constructed to control and monitor the overall trade passing through the Naneghat. It is located on the outskirts of Ahmednagar and was one of the Forts used for trading between Mughals and Shahaji Raje as per the 1637 Treaty.


Description of the Hadsar Fort:

This Fort has Gates that are indeed a great example of the architecture of the ancient time. Here the Twin doors have a tunnel-like entrance crafted with stones cut in Guimukha design. The doorway is indeed eye-catching, and through the entrance, the route to the Fort is split into two parts: one leads to the hills and the other to a second doorway.

After you reach the second doorway, you can see a water cistern with Potable water. In the raised area in front of the Cistern, one can find three huge stones cut from the cliffs rock. The three corners have a temple of Garuda, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Ganesha. It has a picture of Lord Ganesha that is carved on it. On the right is a pond with Mahadev Temple and a Nandi Temple.

The Cistern can be seen at the right of the bastion wall, which has a nearby cut-out cave in the rock initially intended to be used as the watch tower. From here, one can see other Shayadri Forts also. Are you curious about what this beautiful Fort looks like? Well,


Here are some Hadsar Fort images:

Hadsar Fort image Hadsar Fort image Hadsar Fort images Hadsar Fort images  

How to Reach:

Junnar region is well connected with the roads of Mumbai and Pune. So if you are considering traveling by public transport, you can take a bus to Hadsar fort from Pune and Mumbai to reach the station of Junnar. One can take a bus to Kewada, Rajur, and Nimgiru that will stop at Hadsar within 45 minutes.

Trekking Guide to the Hadsar Fort:

  • If you are thinking about trekking to the Fort, the new can reach the village of Hadsar.
  • To reach the Fort from here, you will have two parts. The easiest one is the Southern side, which is nearer and passes through the main gate. On the other side, the Northern side is a bit tough compared to the southern. One can find a rock path to climb the Fort 20 feet high.
  • One can easily rely on the rock-cut holds in the path, but it is to be remembered that it is challenging to reach. It is suggested to take ropes in Apparatus along with you to have an easy climbing experience, and one can also make a halt at night in the Mahadev village, which is on the way to the Fort.


Traveling to the beautiful Hadsar Fort can be a time experience as this region has spectacular views, especially at night, as the serene beauty of the sea and the stars is not something you can get to look at in your daily busy life. It is indeed a place with all you want without any pollution, so people across the country come here to enjoy a camping night in the Abode of nature.

The place has plenty of flora, fauna, and other species of birds that you can find in your city life. The beautiful Maharashtra region with farmlands makes a spectacular view to look at. Overall it is a place for someone who is into adventure and nature. So take a break from your monotonous life and explore the beautiful hills while trekking at the Hadsar Fort.


The Hadsan Fort trek is about 1178 feet; to cover it might take about 6 hours. The trek distance is about 2.5 km one way.

The distance from Pune to Hadsar Fort is about 105 km. If you want to visit the Fort, you can take a bus or train to reach this region.

There is a Cistern at the main gate of the Fort so that you can get water from there, but there is no food facility available there, so it is best to carry it while trekking.

Several small animals are spotted in the location near the Hadsar Fort Trek. However, there aren't any big wild animals. So it is relatively safe, but we recommend you be cautious while trekking.