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Famous Festival of Andhra Pradesh, India With Pictures

Famous Festival of Andhra Pradesh, India With Pictures

When we think about the famous festival of Andhra Pradesh, Pongal hits the top of the list. But it has more to offer as Andhra Pradesh is a state that has a distinct culture of its own with its dynamic empires, invasion, and mosaic of tradition that survived testing the time of changing traditions and cultures.


The vibe of this city is royal and blessed with Architecture, and every tradition and festival celebrated here connects you deep roots of Andhra Pradesh. So let us know in detail about the different festivals of Andhra Pradesh here:

Main Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Pongal Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Pongal Festival of Andhra Pradesh

Whenever we think about the main festival Andhra Pradesh, the most famous festival is Pongal. The exciting thing about Pongal is that it is a festival that is celebrated by the Northern and Central Indian regions also but is known as Makar Sankranti. Just like the other reason, the harvest festival of Andhra Pradesh is celebrated during the end of the winter season, and we celebrate for three days.

Apart from Andhra Pradesh, it is also celebrated in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Pondicherry. If you are planning a small little trip this time, then the idle time to visit Andhra Pradesh is in January for the authentic feel of Pongal as you can see beautifully decorated homes and pretty Rangoli that adds the vibe of festivity in the state.


Lumbini Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Lumbini Festival of Andhra Pradesh

What if we tell you that Andhra Pradesh celebrates a festival that is based on Buddhism believes? Let's talk about a festival that is quite different from the other festival of Andhra Pradesh. The Lumbini festival the tourism department of Andhra Pradesh organizes. It is a festival that has its significance from Buddhism, and it is a Buddhist festival that has influenced the state since medieval times.

This festival aims to represent Buddhism's vital role in our lives. It is a festival of Andhra Pradesh celebrated for three days in a specific place known as the Nagarjuna Sagar and celebrated around December. This festival is the centre of tourism attraction, and many tourists each year come to Andhra Pradesh to attend this festival.


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Ugadi Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Ugadi Festival of Andhra Pradesh

You may have heard about this in other states besides Andhra Pradesh, as it is similar to the festival celebrated in Karnataka and Telangana. Gudi Padwa, or Ugadi,  is a famous festival of Andhra Pradesh that is celebrated to welcome prosperity, abundance, and positivity with the new year. It is a festival celebrated as wereIt is a festival celebrated as per the Hindu Panchang. If we talk about the month in which it is observed, April marks the beginning of a new year as per the astronomical calculation of the Hindu Panchang.

People celebrate the festival by performing a Pooja to welcome the new year with the hope of prosperity. This festival also has some astronomical beliefs. For 21 days, when the first day of Ugadi starts, the earth is said to receive the maximum sunlight known for spiritually and lightning and energizing the earth's duration.

Visakha Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Visakha Festival of Andhra Pradesh

Another significant festival of Andhra Pradesh that the state government organizes is Visakha Utsav. This festival is all about celebrating the beliefs, traditions, rituals and cultural aspects of Andhra Pradesh. It is a grand celebration that the people of Andhra Pradesh celebrate for four days each year. The first festival of Visakha Utsav was celebrated in December of 1997; it has been a tradition to celebrate this festival grandly.

To celebrate this festival, a large crowd of locals and tourists worldwide comes to the state to enjoy the cultural activities, events and displays of different arts and architecture of Andhra Pradesh. It is a festival that represents the deep-rooted culture of Andhra Pradesh magnificently and is celebrated in Visakhapatnam each year.

Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam Festival of Andhra Pradesh:

Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam Festival of Andhra Pradesh

A traditional festival of Andhra Pradesh that resonates with the state's historical and religious aspects is Brahmotsavam. It is a festival celebrated in Tirupati's Tirumala Venkateswara temple for about nine days. The festival is dedicated to Lord Brahma and is celebrated in October by the locals of Andhra Pradesh.

As per the religious beliefs, it is said that the lord Brahma itself started this festival at this Temple to honour the people who have been worshipping and performing several rituals for nine days to keep the tradition going. On the last day of the festival, a grand celebration is done by devotees and tourists who come to respect Lord Brahma. The region is completed by a procession of the idol of God on the streets and finally reaching the Temple to complete the Grand ceremony.

Other Festivals of Andhra Pradesh:

The list of "Festival of Andhra Pradesh" and these festivals that we have mentioned above as it has more to offer when it comes to fares and festivals. Other festivals you can celebrate when visiting Andhra Pradesh include Vinayaka Chaturthi, Mahashivratri, Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, the Deccan festival, and more. It is right to say that when it comes to festivity, Andhra Pradesh is a different league.

Other State Famous Festival-

Wrapping Up

Andhra Pradesh is indeed an excellent example of when it comes to unity in diversity in terms of religions and culture, as there are different kinds of cultures and religions coexisting in peace and harmony in Andhra Pradesh. It is a state blessed with Great art, architecture, and artwork. Several Holy shrines and temples in Andhra Pradesh are places to visit for anyone looking for an escapade in the state's rich culture. So if you want to experience the perfect mixture of different cultures, visit Andhra Pradesh and experience its culture at any traditional festival of Andhra Pradesh.

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What is the festival of Andhra Pradesh?

Several festivals are celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, such as Pongal, Lumbini, Brahmotsavam, Visakha, and more.

What is the main festival of Andhra Pradesh?

The harvest festival Pongal, is celebrated in January, is the main festival of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the harvest festival of Andhra Pradesh?

The harvest festival of Andhra Pradesh that is also known as Makar Sankrantii is Pongal.

Fairs and festivals of Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh tops when it comes to festivals. The famous festival of Andhra Pradesh is Pongal but other than that, several fairs and festivals are well known, such as the Brahmotsavam fair at Tirupati, Sri Rama Navami festival Fair at Bhadrachalam, the Deccan festival, Lumbini Festival, Mahashivratri festival, Ugadi Festival, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vishakha Utsav and more.

lumbini festival is celebrated in which state?

lumbini festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh