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Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in Noida

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Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in Noida

It is a world that is fast-paced and ever-evolving, and keeping yourself up-to-date and safe is a priority that you can't overlook. With the hackers ready to attack, every form needs to take efficient and effective measures to safeguard their information against attackers. But it's not that easy to find a company that can help you safeguard all your important data. So which one to choose? Can't find any? Well, don't worry, pal; we are here with a list of the most reputed Cybersecurity Companies in Noida.


Digital Self-Defense Infosec

Top Cyber Security Companies in Noida

Founded in the year 2015, Digital Self-Defense Infosec is one of the prestigious Cybersecurity Companies in Noida with an aim to make hack detection and recovery affordable for layman. The company has several products, such as Actifend, which is known for depending websites from hacking with the help of monitoring the security of the companies, detecting hacks and threats, and restoring the data within a few seconds. The product is also known for offering a defense platform that profiles attackers and adapts to them.

CyberSRC Consultancy LLP

Cyber Security company in Noida

A firm that became operational on January 2018, CyberSRC Consultancy LLP is a security company in Noida that has been known for helping the industry resolve complex problems in the field of data privacy and protection, cyber security, governance, and assurance. With their expertise in data privacy and protection, they have gained a reputation for effectively resolving complex problems faced by businesses. This firm has proven time and again that its security solutions are not only reliable but also innovative, ensuring that businesses can navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Seclabs & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Best Cyber Security company in Noida

Another mention-worthy name in the list of Cybersecurity Companies in Noida is Seclabs & Systems Pvt. Ltd., which has been providing VA/PT/Forensic services to its clients since its inception in the year 2015. The company has provided its services to several educational institutions, such as Trinity College in Dublin, IIT India, and more. They have also offered law enforcement agencies several cutting-edge hacking and data protection services. Whether it's safeguarding sensitive information or implementing robust security measures, Seclabs & Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been an integral part of the industry.

Ailint Corporation

Cyber Security company in Noida

A firm that came into existence in the year 2021, Ailint Corporation is a well-known security company in Noida that is don't for delivers amazing internet and services in the Domain such as data leakage detection, custom cyber security solutions, intelligent assessment, Ramsoware detection and removal, and more. The company has been providing the service to several international as well as National clients such as MRI Simmons, Harman International, and so on.



Top 10 Cyber Security company in Noida

A firm that is known as a top name in accelerating the adoption of new companies, TopCubit is one of the top Cybersecurity Companies in Noida. The company offers software solutions for auditing industry requirements, such as Oil Tankers on industry standards and Maritime container ships. The firm was founded in the year 2017, and since then Corporation has become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions in the realm of cybersecurity.

Whitehats Cybertech Pvt Ltd

Cyber Security company in Noida

With its origination in 2018, Whitehats Cybertech Pvt Ltd is one of the renowned Cybersecurity Companies in Noida that of was data privacy security and GRC Automation services to the industry. The company has become a top name in providing data privacy services as well as cyber security compliance to clients all across the globe and has become a leading company in the field to do so. The company has two solutions: Data Foresight and Compliance Foresight, offering data in privacy security software and GRC Automation software.


Cyber Security company in Noida

Rigikent is a security company in Noida that came into existence in the year 2020. The firm provides key Management Solutions that help in protecting information by introducing defense elements such as KYC information, PII against theft passwords, and protection against any kind of identity theft. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and advanced encryption protocols, Rigikent ensures the utmost protection against theft, unauthorized access, and identity theft. With a dedicated team of experts, the company goes above and beyond in safeguarding sensitive data,



Top Cyber Security company in Noida

Global IT, Data, and Analytics, Development service provider, DevelopersIQ, is a security company in Noida that offers custom services that are designed for small to large companies all over the globe. With their custom services, they have helped several companies all across the globe to welcome security barriers and cyber thefts. They have a complete a lot and have come to be known as one of the best Magento, web software, as well Android Development Companies.

Secure Blink

Cyber Security company in Noida

A company that is known for providing automated application and API security solutions, Secure Blink, is one of the most reputed Cybersecurity Companies in Noida that has been quite successful in empowering developers and security engineers to protect the data in information from exploitations. Founded in the year 2020, the company has come with its flagship product Threatspy which is a saas based platform that is known for enabling security engineers and Developers to proactively manage known as well as unknown threats with the help of automation of detection, remediation, and prioritization. With a strong focus on API security, the company has offered several solutions to safeguard the companies against cyber attacks.

Tejoroopushan Innovations Pvt Ltd

Cyber Security company in Noida

Established in the year 2018, Tejoroopushan Innovations Pvt Ltd is a pioneering company that excels in various sectors, including IT, Cyber Security, Placements, and Training industries. Their primary goal is to serve as a bridge, connecting talented service providers to customers, thereby creating professional opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and those who have been socially abused. When it comes to Cybersecurity Companies in Noida, Tejoroopushan Innovations Pvt Ltd stands out as a trusted and reliable name.

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Keeping your company protected from the threats of attackers plays a major role in maintaining the overall reputation among your clients. It is quite difficult to safeguard all the data in information by oneself, and that is the reason why the need for the right company is what you should be looking for. So if you want your information to be protected, then get in touch with these top cyber security companies in Noida and make sure that you are company is safe from any malicious threat.

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