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Cinco De Mayo Jokes 2023

Cinco De Mayo Jokes 2023

5th of May holds a special place in the history of Spain as it is celebrated as Cinco De Mayo or Anniversary of the battle of Pubela. On this auspicious day, in various parts of Mexico and USA, people celebrate and the day is considered as holiday as it is celebrated in the honor of military victory of Mexicans who won the battle against the French forces led by Napoleaon III in 1862. In the state of Pubels, the day is celebrated with speeches, parades, and the reenactments of the 1862 battle, even though the day is not much celebrated in the rest of the country. Read also: Cinco De Mayo Quotes


Here are some of the jokes that will tingle your humor side based on this auspicious day.

  1. By what name will you call a Mexican drowning in mayonnaise?

Ans.- Sinko De Mayo

  1. How can one break up a Cinco De Mayo celebration?

Ans.- Call Nine Juan Juan.

  1. How is beer served during Cinco De Mayo?

Ans.- In mexi-cans..

  1. What is the favorite dish of penguins during Cinco De Mayo?

Ans.- It's called Brrrrrrrrritos.


  1. What name will you give to group of skunks drinking tequila?

Ans.- Stinko de Mayo.

  1. Donald Trump visits a fortune teller and asks her- "When will I die?"

Ans.- The fortune teller replies- "Your death will occur on a major Mexican Holiday!!" Trump asks- Which Mexican holiday? Is it Cinco De Mayo? Ans.- Fortune Teller: Donald, no matter on any day you die, it will be a major Mexican holiday...

  1. What name will be given to a country musician celebrating Cinco De Mayo?

Ans.- Arriba McEntire.


  1. Which is the least favorite holiday of honey mustards?

Ans.- Honey mustards don't like Cinco De Mayo

  1. Why is it called Cinco De Mayo?

Ans.- because it seems that only white people celebrate it

  1. What is the name of the Mexican food that moves slowly?

Ans.- It's Inch-iladas

  1. Why does Mexican guy consume Xanax?

Ans.- for hispanic attacks

  1. What's the biggest difference between Cinco De Mayo and Saint Patrick's day?

Ans.- No one pretends to be a Mexican for the day.

  1. How will you call four matadors in quicksand?

Ans.- Quatro Cinco...

  1. What do you call the fifth sink in the row when you enter a washroom?

Ans.- It's called Cinco!!

  1. What is the least favorite holiday of honey mustards??

Ans.-  It's Cinco De Mayo.........

  1. Where you can find the best of margaritas?

Ans.- You can find them in the gulp of Mexico.

  1. I will bring my Cinco de Mayo leftovers to work tomorrow

Ans.- It seems like it’ll be tacos de reincarne for lunch!

  1. Why does Connor McGregor hate Cinco De Mayo?

Ans.- There's nothing personal, he just can't withstand Mayweather.

  1. What is the name of the Disney princess only comes out on Cinco de Mayo?

Ans.- Well, it's Taco Belle.

  1. What's the reason behind Mexicans crossing border two at a time?

Ans.- Because the signs say- No Trespassing.