Cinco De Mayo Quotes 2023

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There is a popular misconception spread across the globe that Cinco De Mayo is celebrated because it is independence day of Mexico. But this is wrong!!

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated to acclaim a single battle that was fought in 1862 between the French forces headed by Napoloen III and combined forces of Spanish, English, and French troops that invaded the country.  The English and Spanish forces had withdrawn from the war in 1862, but the French forces still continued to wage war.

On May 5, 1862, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza, mestizo and zapotec forces, who were poorly equipped defeated French forces at the Battle of Puebla, situated in the South East of the Mexico city, leading to the death of 1000 soldiers of French army. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the efforts of the soldiers.

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Given below are some of the quotes related to Cinco De Mayo:

It’s time to dance to upbeat music, celebrate Mexican culture, and lose oneself in delicious Mexican cuisines as it’s Cinco De Mayo!!


Diversity must be genuine for kids, not only something they learn about during Black History Month or when they celebrate Cinco de Mayo by eating food from other countries. It entails conversing with and spending time with children who are unlike them in order for them to realise that those children are in reality exactly like them.


Millions of Americans will honour the bravery and rich history of the Mexican people this weekend by celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Americans of all backgrounds have embraced this day of pride and celebration for Mexican Americans as a way to honour our close historical, cultural, and economic ties to Mexico. It is a chance to acknowledge the numerous ways that Mexican Americans contribute to the cultural richness of the nation.


No Juan has ever stated, “Cinco de Mayo is boring.”


Cinco de Mayo and I have a committed relation-chip!


While historically significant, Cinco de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence Day.


There are a lot of good reasons why I might need a cocktail, but Cinco de Mayo is always a given.


For Cinco de Mayo, I no longer consume alcohol. I indulge in Mexican cuisine, or food as it is known there, to celebrate.


Greetings on Cinco de Mayo. You may be a little out of touch or the governor of Arizona if you don’t know what that means.


But for me, Cinco de Mayo celebrations began when I got older, started travelling to San Diego, and began partaking in margaritas.


It is preferable to die rather than to remain on your knees.


Keep in mind that Cinco de Mayo is a significant holiday for Mexicans outside of practically all of Mexico.


I yearn for a time when all holidays were simply named by the dates on which they occurred. That’s how I feel about Cinco de Mayo.


I’ll accept the Cinco but decline the de Mayo because it’s May 5 and I’m on a diet.

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