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What did Franz find on reaching the school?

What did Franz find on reaching the school?

When Franz came to the school, he noticed that the school was not as usual and was quiet. Usually, the school would be pretty noisy. It would have great unrest of the closing and opening of the desks done by the students, the noise of lessons that are repeated in unison, and the sound of the Teachers' rulers rapping on the table continuously. Read also: What is The Indian Legend Regarding The Discovery of Tea?


In 30 to 40 words each, respond to any of the following questions: (English Core)

(a) Why wasn't Franz reprimanded for arriving at school late on that particular day? (b) Sophie had a lot of dreams for her future. What were her dreams for her future? (c) Why are the children referred to as "springing"? (My Mother at Sixty-six) (d) How do animals and humans stay cool in the hot summer? (A Thing of Beauty)


(a) Because it was Franz's last day of classes before the new teacher arrived the next day, M. Hamel did not discipline him despite his tardiness. He had become extremely depressed and sentimental about it because it was the last French class he would be teaching them.   (b) Sophie desired to start a boutique, work as an actor, or work as a fashion designer. She believed that she would be given a manager's position and would work there until she had saved enough money to open her own boutique.   (c) The poet observes the young trees "sprinting" as she travels to the airport in an attempt to divert her attention from her ageing mother's thoughts. The trees appear to be passing the moving vehicle quickly. The trees' frantic movement is a representation of how quickly time passes for people from infancy to old age. When compared to her elderly and frail mother, who appears dormant and is sleeping in the car, this picture, which depicts activity and strength, stands in stark contrast. The 'young' trees stand in contrast to her mother's impending death as symbols of vitality.   (d) By noticing the beauty in the natural world that is all around us, both a man and a beast can find relief during the sweltering season. The author asserts that beauty is a source of happiness.