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Vermont Summer Festival: A Cultural Fiesta in Manchester

Vermont Summer Festival: A Cultural Fiesta in Manchester

Vermont Summer Festival- a festival that makes thousands of visitors from all across the globe flock to the Herald Beebe Farm in East Dorset. But why do people flock to get her in the summer to participate in this festival? What is so great about it? Well, if you are a person who in any way is interested in horses and sightseeing, then this is the festival that is what you were searching for. Let us know more about the festival in detail here:


What is the Vermont Summer Festival about?

The Vermont summer festival is an all-inclusive horse show in Manchester, Vermont, annually. It is a festival for families that enjoy different types of competition divided into numerous levels.  Some of the competitions one can participate in here are related to Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, and other categories.  It is a festival for six weeks between July and August.

Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show: Who Started it All?

The Vermont summer festival was started by John Ammerman, who owned the farm and was a Show Juming Hall of Fame member, and Dotty, his partner and farm owner. It was set up in the parking lot of Klington Resort which was located only an hour to the northeast of the current location where the festival is held.

Initially, the festival only had 200 stalls and lasted only about two weeks with two competition rings. Still, over the years, the event became a hit, and people from all over the world continued to visit the event from becoming 3 weak events, 5 events, and now a 6-week event. In the starting years, it was more of a traveling event, but after a few years, it took its root in East Dorset and has not grown to more than 5 competition rings and 1200 stalls. It is sponsored and owned by LLC and HITS.

Best of Vermont Summer Festival: What can one expect?

When we talk about the festival that takes place annually, then it is right to say that it is not just about horses but more than that. People come from all over the world to Manchester and experience living in the mountain during the long stay of the Vermont Summer Festival. This festival has one of the most internationally recognized competitions, such as New England's jumper competition and hunter competition, that internationally recognized course designers design.


Due to its competitions and other events during the 6 weeks, the Vermont summer festival has charmed several visitors and locals in the last two digits by providing them with memorable events and endless reasons to come back every year and enjoy the festival. Are you curious about what the festival has in stock for you? Well, let's find out:

The beautiful views: 

When we talk about picturesque Manchester, you cannot think about anything more beautiful than the scenic root 7 Harold Beebe Farm, which is beautiful, and I am telling as an old palm should be. How beautiful is this farm? Imagine a place with a big Red barn, breathing views, and landscapes. The most beautiful part of this one of the sought after Summer Festivals in Vermont experience is the views of the hills in the southern mount that are unbeatable when it comes to the beauty of nature.

A fierce but friendly competition:

For those competitive souls out there, it is a family festival. Despite being all about stakes for riders, prices, winners taking away thousands of dollars ( yup, if you are a competitor, then you can definitely win a big prize), and other prizes, this competition remains fun and fierce at the same time.


As soon as the festival starts, the landscape of this happening place transforms into a city, with white and blue pop-up tents for the visitors. These tents surround the farm into a hotel where all the guests come to know each other and enjoy the competitive spirit together. But not just the competitors visit the place as an additional cast of characters joins the event, including groomers,  vets,  trainers, mane, tail braiders, and other spectators that swarm the place. So,  for 6 weeks, this place turns into a whole new city.

A Good Deed:

Are you thinking about how this festival can help you do a good deed? Well, if you talk about the community, then during the last few years, the profit steps have been collected at the gate from the visitors are given to the local non-profit organization that, includes some of the most prestigious ones such as Dorset Equine Rescue, The Dorset School, and the Manchester Community Library. So by visiting this happening festival that is organized once a year, you can enjoy and donate at the same time.

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Overall you can say that Vermont Summer Festival is not just any competition that you would go for the prices. It is more than just the winning prices, as you can find the scenic beauty of nature, shopping, tasty food stalls, drinks, and more here. The best part is that you can do so while enjoying the famous jumping action every year in July and August. We know that 6 weeks sound a little bit longer for you, but for the event that is so fascinating, you can always take out a week or two from your busy life. So, plan a weekend ( or 6 weeks if you can) away from your busy life and live the experience of your life this summer!



When is the Vermont summer festival 2023?

The festival will be organized from July to August. The expected dates are July 5 to August 8. If you want more information about the event, you can go on their official website to get entry tickets and schedule.

What should a competitor do before visiting?

If you are a competitor in the Vermont Summer Festival, it is best to read the MAAPP/ USEF Safesport communication details about the overall procedure of the competition.