The Ant and The Dove Story : Moral Stories

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The Ant and The Dove Story in English:

Once upon a time there lived an ant and a dove  in a dense forest. The ant was small and always busy, while the dove  was big and had a kind heart.

One day an ant accidentally fell into the water while walking near a river. She tried her best to swim but the current was too strong and she was about to drown.

Just then the dove  saw the ant struggling and flew down to save her. The dove  plucked a leaf and threw it into the water, on which the ant climbed and reached the shore.

The ant thanked the dove  and promised to repay her kindness one day. The dove  laughed and flew away.

Days passed and one summer day the dove rested on a tree branch. Suddenly a hunter came and caught the dove  in a net and threw the net on the tree.

The ant saw this and remembered her promise to repay the dove ‘s kindness. She crawled over the mesh and bit the rope with her tiny teeth. She continued to bite until the rope broke and the dove flew to safety.

The dove  thanked the ant and thanked her for saving her life. From that day they became good friends.

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The friendship between the ant and the dove became famous in the forest and other animals came to know their stories.the ant and the dove were always happy to tell their story and remind everyone that small acts of kindness can lead to great friendships.

And so, the ant and the dove  lived happily ever after, always remembering the promise of kindness and friendship.

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