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Spirit Halloween: The Movie Reviews

Spirit Halloween: The Movie Reviews

Spirit Halloween Movie Review: Overview

The Movie is a bit of a mess. It had really high hopes, but it didn't do any justice. The emotional stakes are too high, and the script is no better than the notion of the cinematographer-turned-director, the spirit Halloween meme maker. This is his directorial feature debut, and it's not a great start.


The bar might be set pretty low for Spirit Halloween, but there's still a chance this small-town intellectual property could be watchable. Christopher Lloyd is the only bright spot in the cast; lucky for us; he's involved.

Spirit Halloween Review: Plot

So the film opens with this wealthy dude (Christopher Lloyd) showing up at an orphanage with paperwork declaring that the caretaker has 48 hours to get out before the bulldozers come in. The woman, in turn, curses him, and he drops dead. So basically, you know this will be a feel-good movie from the beginning.

Jake, Carson, and Bo are like three kids on Halloween night. Jake is all about trick or treating, Carson just wants to crash a high school party, and Bo just tags along with the wishes of his friends to have fun. Jake and Carson are like two kids arguing over what growing up means. They both resent each other for not being on the same page, but at the end of the day, they're still just kids.

So, the kids compromise and decide that going to a Spirit Halloween store is the next best thing to an actual haunted house. And things do start to get a little creepy once they're inside. The ghost of Alex Windsor, a reviled town landlord from decades ago, starts haunting the store and is determined to possess a body so he can come back to life. It's up to the three boys and Carson's sister Kate to make it through the night and defeat the ghost in an exorcism.


Cast Performance: Spirit Halloween Movie Review

Spirit Halloween is missing practically everything it needs to be a good movie. It's the kind of formulaic plot that you've seen a million times before: kids are locked in a spooky place. But even a Disney Channel Original Movie is more fun than this; the young actors are stuck with the beats of a teen drama and fake spirit Halloween costumes.

The cast didn't do justice in presenting the emotional range as per the character's age. The acting is not upto the mark. Only  Lloyd's acting seems to be the one thing that keeps the performance at par.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie Showtimes

The Movie may not be based on the most popular source material, but it can still be a good movie. Plenty of obscure films have been adapted to great success, and there will be even more in the future. With a more upbeat tone and better casting, Spirit Halloween: The Movie has the potential to be a spooky tale and Spirit Halloween meme template that resounds with the youth, and it sounds pretty good.



So the Movie starts with Lloyd dying, which is a bummer. And then every scene after that is just yawn-inducing and forgettable. Even though the idea behind it is good, the film falls  flat. Maybe these young actors will have better luck next time, and Poag will too - because, let's be honest, Spirit Halloween is probably not for anyone.

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