Sikkim Festival: Major Festivals of the Paradise of Northeast

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Any festival of Sikkim has a special place in India, as the festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. A Northeastern state of India known as there Paradise, Sikkim is a small place with abundant culture, natural wonders, serene landscapes, and a Lifestyle that speaks for itself.

You may expect little from the place between you visit this place. You will find out how underrated it has been when it comes to tourism. The festival celebrated here is unique and blends history and culture, bringing test spirit and alluring Vibes for any tourist.

Let us know about some of the major festivals of Sikkim here:

Saga Dawa festival of Sikkim:

The Saga Dawa Festival is the most famous festival of Sikkim, known for offering a unique experience. Saga Dawa festival is celebrated on Lord Buddha’s birthday, where the monks of Mahayana Buddhism worship Lord Buddha and lightens butter lamps so the Lord can guide them on the right paths. These butter lamps made by the monks are definitely worth a watch.

It is a festival based on Buddhist philosophy, and different kinds of religious rituals and street processions are held during the festival. These street processions are a visual treat for anyone amazed by different religions and cultures. In these rituals and ceremonies, different regions celebrate the festival with enthusiasm.

famous festival of sikkim

Losoong festival of Sikkim:

The new year festival of Sikkim, Losoong Festival, marks the beginning of the New Year and is celebrated for about 4 days from the 18th day of the 10th Lunar month in December. During the festival, several rituals, folk dances, and cultural events are organized by the monasteries in Sikkim, such as Rumtek and Tsuklakhang. The events organized here are a spectacle to watch for every tourist in visitor as they can participate in the ceremony and taste the cuisines served. The champ dance during the festival that is done at the monasteries is definitely a great watch.

Losar festival Sikkim:

When we talk about the famous festival of Sikkim, Losar definitely tops the chart as it holds great significance in the local and Tibetan Buddhist communities. During this festival, the Lama performs the Cham mask dance in the monasteries. A ritual performed during this festival is offering the buckets of Tsampa. It is a mixture of roasted Barley flour and butter that is said to be offered to the home altar as it is believed that the ritual will bring prosperity with an abundance of harvest the following year.

It is a festival that marks the new beginning of the new year and harvesting season. It is celebrated in February when locals and visitors swarm worldwide to witness the cultural celebration. One of this festival’s most important and pleasing rituals is the yak dance the locals perform on the street.

Pang- Lgabsol:

A unique festival of Sikkim that worship the mountain God and garden of Sikkim, mount Kangchendzonga, Pang- Lgabsol, marks the beginning of the Buddhist religion in Sikkim. In the festival, the mountain god is worshipped for protecting Sikkim and a celebrated on the 15th day of the seven months of late August and early September as per the Tibetan calendar. It is celebrated with a spectacular Warrior dance that is known as Chaams.

International flower festival Sikkim:

A festival organized by the development of Sikkim Tourism International flower festival is a unique festival celebrated in May. Every year, several people swarm to the white hall in Gangtok, where they witness a diverse range of about 240 species of trees and Ferns and about 600 pieces of orchids, making it the grand flower festival all across the globe.

 It is a festival with great floral landscaping. It is an adventure for nature enthusiasts as it offers different herbal products and plants. Garden products are displayed so that people can get exotic and distinct garden materials from the beautiful state of Sikkim. Apart from the Exotic Garden materials and plants, the festival is also here to offer local cuisines and where are food stalls that are definitely worth a try. also, for people who are a little bit adventurous, they can go river rafting in the Teesta River and also go for a yak Safari.

Drupka Tshechi festival in Sikkim:

A festival of Sikkim celebrated on the fourth day of the 6 months per the Tibetan calendar, Drukpa Tshechi is a Buddhist festival celebrating Lord Buddha and the first preaching of the four Nobel Truths. It is a festival celebrated with great enthusiasm between July and August every year.

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Sikkim is more than just a beautiful state with a lot of festivity going on All Around The Year and is a perfect place for people who are into nature and culture. So if you want to experience cultural adventure and tradition in one place, visit during one any festival of Sikkim and experience the bliss. So plan your next exciting trip!!

FAQs Sikkim Festival:

Which is the Music Festival of Sikkim that is celebrated in December?

Mangan  Music Festival is a 3-day event celebrated in the state of Sikkim where different kinds of bands and oodles come over to celebrate the event with great festivity.

Is there any adventurous-related festival in Sikkim?

Yes, an annual Sikkim paragliding festival is held at Gangtok each year in October and November, where people who are into adventure come and visit during this festival of Sikkim and have a great adventure while paragliding.

What is the festival of Sikkim?

Saga Dawa is the main festival of Sikkim.

Which is the most celebrated festival of Sikkim?

Saga Dawa, celebrated on Lord Buddha’s birthday, is the most celebrated festival of Sikkim.

How many festival in Sikkim?

There are several festivals in Sikkim, such as Ramnawami (Chaite Dasain), Saga Dawa, Bhanu Jayanti, Drukpa Tshechi, Pang-Lhabsol, and more.

What is the harvest festival of Sikkim?

Loosong is a festival in which the farmers celebrate to rejoice in their harvest is harvest festival of Sikkim.

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