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Places to Visit in Varanasi for Couples | Spiritual Places

Places to Visit in Varanasi for Couples | Spiritual Places

Varanasi- one of the most spiritual places, is the land of beautiful tradition, culture, and mouth-watering food. This oldest City in the world is more than spiritual as you can easily find some of the best places to visit in Varanasi for Couples to spend time that you will cherish. The City that is believed to be situated on the trident of lord Shiva and was established by the lord himself 5000 years ago is the City that has the highest number of ghats all across the globe. It is a city that is considered to be the best for couples in terms of tourism as you can visit several places that have seen beauty and create and romantic atmosphere for couples.


Wondering which are the most romantic places in Varanasi, a land of spirituality? Well, read the whole blog to find out!

Varanasi Fun City- Beat the heat:

Now that you are in Varanasi and all thinking of visiting places in the time of Summer, then Varanasi Fun City is what you should think of visiting. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Varanasi for couples; you get to get some hours of fun to dwell in several activities in the hot summer as this place hosts the best water park in Varanasi. Located on the Panch Karoshi Road,  which is only 3 km away from Sarnath, it is a place to hang out and spend some with your beloved while enjoying the thrilling waterpark.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple- Finding Peace with Your Partner

Visiting the temple might not be on your list, but we insist you visit the beautiful and serene Kashi Vishwanath Temple with your beloved to find inner peace with her. It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord Shiva, and if you are looking for the best place for couples in Varanasi, then you must start your day from here. Broken and renovated several times, it is a temple that was renovated by the Maharani Ahilyabai from 1770 to 1780. Here you can go for the Aarti and start your day with peace.

Dashashwamedh Ghat- Watch the Spectacular Agni Pooja!

When talking about the most famous thing in Varanasi, then Dashashwamedh Ghat is where you should be to experience the real gist of your journey. Located at the bank of the holy Ganga river and nearby the Vishwanath temple, it is a place that is known for the famous Agni Puja, which is held here every evening by a group of priests that worship and dedicate the Agni Puja to lord Shiva; Agni and, the whole universe. It is one of the most famous couple places in Varanasi because of the colorful riverfront view, and also, the Ghat looks very attractive due to the crowd and devotees taking baths in it.


Ramnagar Fort Museum- Go back to the Times of History

If you and your partner enjoy looking at ancient times and are amused by history, then this Mughal-style museum of Ramnagar Fort is what will amuse you the most. It is an underground museum in the fort that harbors different types of antiques and rare collections of silver works, elephant saddles, gold ornaments, vintage cars of America, ivory works, old guns, books and manuscripts, and more. You can take a tour of Mughal history here with your partner and also read some ancient books to know more about the Mughal empire. This Museum, which is located only 14 km away from the railway station, is considered one of the well-known couple places in Varanasi.

Deer Park- Experience the view of deers Flocking!

What can be more romantic don't than walking together in a and enjoying the mesmerizing view of deer blocking inside the enclosures? That is exactly what the Deer Park of Varanasi offers. It is one of the most popular places to visit near Varanasi for couples because you can get the closest glance at deer here. You can enjoy nature and spend time with the beautiful creatures here and work peacefully with your partner away from the hustle- bustle of the City. This is a must-good destination in Sarnath and is a hit among people who are looking to find peace in the lap of nature.

Godowlia Market- Go for a little shopping spree!

What can bring joy to your partner than shopping at the most loved market in Varanasi? The Godowlia Market is an instant hit and one of the well-known places to visit Varanasi with girlfriend because it is one of the oldest markets that has a lot of goods to offer at wholesale prices. This place has different shops that sell household items such as costumes, hardware, fine silk, and so on. Even if you are not up for planning, you can just take a walk through this amazing market and get to know about the quality of materials that are sold there.


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When you are with your partner traveling to different places, happiness and excitement in what should be your goal with the journey. Varanasi is a place perfect for you to find that excitement and happiness during the journey. Apart from the places to visit in Varanasi with girlfriend that we have mentioned here, there are some other places that you can definitely give a try, such as the Golden Temple, Sarnath Museum, Bharay Kala Bahavn Museum, Dhamek Stupa, Assi Ghat, and more. Make sure that you explore the City with its all Glory and enjoy your nature and the religious mystery of the City so that you can have a glimpse of history and mystery in this spiritual City.

So now that you know more about the places where you can visit during your stay at Varanasi, then book your tickets, pack your bags, book the best hotels with a great view of the ghats, and enjoy a beautiful journey with your beloved in the City which is rich in culture and history. It will be a journey that you will always cherish. So embark on a journey to spirituality and peace now!