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Mighty Hoopla: The Most awaited Pop Festival in the UK

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Mighty Hoopla: The Most awaited Pop Festival in the UK

Every year people all across the globe come to attend the fabulous extravaganza of music at the Mighty Hoopla Festival. The LGBT-friendly festival has become quite a favourite gateway that people plan throughout the year to spend a weekend in June. For all the fun-loving and music-loving people out there, it is a festival that is the most awaited one as there are several events that are organised within two days. If you are getting all curious about the festival, then give a thorough read to this whole blog to find out more:


Mighty Hoopla Weekender: When and where?

Legendary Weekender on the south coast is what helped in starting the Mighty Hoopla. The previous year it was formed by pop tribes in the Bultin's Resort in Bognor Regis. Next year the same is going to happen from 26th to 29th January 2024.

Mighty Hoopla: It all started in the year 2016, and Mighty Hoopla came into existence with an extravaganza of musical events. It is to be held in Brockwell Park, London, on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2023. Every year around 200 performers and artists set the music and pop shoe across ten stages which celebrate queer culture, pop and music. All the pop lovers reach London for the Mighty Hoopla Saturday and Sunday as it is believed to be the best summer party that is awaited year around.

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Mighty Hoopla: What to expect?

Mighty Hoopla has a lot of things to offer when you are thinking of a fun weekend. Here is what you can expect in this happening festival: Lewks: Mighty Hoopla is the best festival in the UK, but apart from that, it is the best in terms of Lewks in the Festival fashion. You will be amazed to see all the glitter, people dressed as robots, jock-straps and whatnot, so if you are into fashion even a little bit, then this is your place to be.


Music: For all music lovers, it is heaven as we have got it all covered when it comes to getting the powerhouse of music confidence man, Natasha Bedingfield, and the list never ends! So if you are up for house and disco, then you cannot miss this opportunity to groove!

Club Nights: For the Party lover in you, this festival has got you covered with an array of alternative club nights, unique performances, comedy acts, mass karaoke, cabaret collectives, vogueing troupes, and more. So you can truly expect a great time here!

Delicious Food: Well, you cannot think about the festival without delicious options for drinks and food. The best part is that they don't serve anything in plastic, so you can enjoy all the scrumptious meals guilt-free.


Mighty Hoopla Saturday: Is it worth it?

With mighty hoopla, you can expect your right to pop culture, fashion, queer culture, party and whatnot. As per the reviews on Google, it's surely an event that is worth visiting, but if you are not sure yet, then why don't use scroll through the gallery to find out if it is worth your time or not? Click on the link below and find out whether it is the place for you! The Link:


Mighty Hoopla is a two days extravaganza which includes Pop events and also organises other activities in London each year in the month of June

Mighty Hoopla is held every year in Brockwell Park, London.

No, Mighty Hoopla is not a gay event. Though they support the LGBTQ community, it is a festival that is for all and not specifically for gays.

The ticket price for Might Hoopla starts at £114.50. For detailed pricing info, click on the link mentioned here :