Kiss Day Shayari in English For Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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Now that love month has arrived, don’t you think it’s lovely that we have a whole week to enjoy it and wish our loved ones with the best kiss day shayari in english? We learned a lot about love, longing, and the need of human touch throughout the previous year, I guess. Sincerely, so many of us have spent months greeting our lovers from a distance and viewing them via screens while daydreaming about the moment when everything will be over and we can embrace them fully. Let’s search for “ best happy kiss day shayari in English”, to make your partner feel special.

One of the most romantic experiences in the world is giving your spouse a kiss, and in the past year, it has become even more precious because so many of us had to continually seek it during the pandemic lockdown.

Kiss Day, observed on February 13th, the sixth day of Valentine’s Week, honors one of the best ways to express your love, affection, and adoration for a special someone: by kissing them. Here you will find the “best happy kiss day shayari in English” for your loved ones. 

Kiss Day honors the ability of a kiss to mend broken hearts, fix issues, and unite two people without saying a word. It is a day of romance and love. Let nothing stop you from making the most of today, even if the pandemic forces you to be apart from your loved ones. What better moment to do this than right now when love is in the air? 

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To honor this extremely significant day, send your loved ones these heartfelt sentiments.

Kiss Day Shayari in English for Boyfriend:

Kiss day shayari in English for boyfriend
Kiss day shayari in English for boyfriend
  1. There are numerous ways I can show you how much I care, but on this particular day, I would rather start everything with a kiss. My love, have a happy kiss day.
  2. Kisses have the ability to naturally sweeten any kind of connection. Our love becomes sweeter the more kisses you give. Happy National Kissing Day!
  3. Because I sometimes struggle to put my feelings for you into words, I prefer kisses over words. Congratulations on Kiss Day!
  4. Happy Kiss Day, my life’s love! Get ready for a day full with affection and kisses.

Kiss Day Shayari in English for Girlfriend:

Kiss day shayari in English for girlfriend
Kiss day shayari in English for girlfriend
  1. Your lips are more delicious and softer than a pot of honey, and they feel like a roll of butter. Today, all I want is a kiss from you!
  2. Anyone can be put to death with your gaze and revived with a kiss. I cannot stand to be your first casualty. Happy National Kissing Day!
  3. Although love has no specific language, we may always communicate it through hugs and kisses. You have my sincere kiss, my love. I wish you a happy kiss day, my sweetheart!
  4. Your hug is the redemption I’m looking for, your kiss is the sweet release I need after a long day, and your love is the best gift I’ve ever been given. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart!

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