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How to Charge an Electric Car at Home

How to Charge an Electric Car at Home

Every possible electric car customer is sceptical about how to charge an electric car. With the rise of electric vehicles, the demand among buyers has also increased. If you are wondering whether buying an electric vehicle is convenient for you or not, then go through a blog to find out in detail about it:


Charge Electric Car at Home:

You can charge your electric car at home by installing a charging point near the area where you park your vehicle. It will help if you have an EVC supply cable to charge an electric car with a three-pin plug socket.

  • You can select a reliable home charging point to charge the car quickly with built-in safety elements.
  • It is a type of compact waterproof unit that can help charge the car by connecting the charging cable of the socket to the plugin mounted on the wall in the charging cable that is portable.

How to Charge Electric Cars with Generator:

What happens when the power goes out and you're on a road trip in your electric car? If you have a gasoline generator, this is not an issue, and you can plug in your Generator to recharge your vehicle.

The Generator is the instrument that transforms mechanical power into electrical power. It is used to charge the electric car's battery when there is no higher charging station. 

The Generator will allow you to plug your car in and keep it at full charge whenever you need it, such as when going on road trips.


A second-generation car mandates 350 to 500 V for 3280 kWh, and the first generation directs 72 V for 21; if you want to charge an electric car with a generator, then the unit at least a standard 120 volt for it. 

While plugging in the Generator, make sure to use a quality battery charger plugin into the Generator's DC outlet of about 240 volts.

  • The first phase of how to charge an electric car is to inspect the level of the Generator and position it at low. After changing the level settings, connect it to the positive red wire in the positive terminal and the black negative wire to the negative terminal. 
  • After that, you need to pull the start cord with the help of the starter switch and wait for a minute or two to stabilize the voltage and speed. 
  • Lastly, you need to plug the charger, and set it a 110 to 120 volt AC outlet and turn on the Generator.

Charge Electric Car with Solar Panels:

Charging an electric car with solar panels is the technology through which you can charge your car battery by rendering electricity with the help of solar panels. Solar power is an energy source that is free. It is a primary method to conserve fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly.


Nowadays, people are going for solar panel charging tools/gears for cars. If you are wondering how to charge an electric car with the help of solar panels, then you need to know the points mentioned below: 

When it comes to charging in an electric car with the help of a solar panel, then you need to decide about the size of your solar energy system depending upon the electricity that your car will use as per the mileage ratings of your car. 

  • The first step is to install an inverter that contains different types of solar panels arranged in a string that will help find the power into a single inverter.
  • Even a small solar panel array containing about ten solar panels can charge enough energy for your vehicle's battery.
  • The solar energy required to transform from DC to AC port at a charging port will be installed. In this, the charging port will be attached to the inverter, and it will pull the electricity from the inverter to run the battery of the vehicle.

Charge Electric Car Cost:

Apart from charging an electric car, one of the most significant aspects is finding out the charge electric car cost. When it comes to setting in the electric vehicle, it can be charged at home and the charging station. It consists of two classifications of charging: Regular and Fast charging.

  • Charge electric car cost at home:

When we charge an electric car at home, it is set on a regular charging setting, which takes around 7 to 8 hours to charge the vehicle entirely. It may require you to charge the car overnight on a standard domestic power supply.

So the overall costing of the charging will depend upon the charging rate of the domestic power supply. The range or cost will differ and will be calculated differently. On an average vehicle consumer around 39 units of electric charge, and the price will be calculated per the units your car has consumed while charging.

  • Charge electric car cost at the station:

As we know that, the launch of the electric vehicle market is relatively recent, and the charging procedure is not evolving in the country yet. The government plans to expand the number of charging stations across the country. On average, the public charging a vehicle fully at a public charging station costs around INR 160 to 200. 

Electric cars are more than just trendy. They are clean, quiet, and — in many cases — more affordable than gas or fuel-powered vehicles. Once you are ready to decide and buy an electric car, you will know how to charge it at home.

 Fortunately, charging an electric automobile is just like charging a cell phone. All you need to do is plug it in and let it charge. The key is using the correct charger and knowing the best way to charge the car. 

There are various ways of how to charge electric cars, depending on the type of car you have. All you need to do is use the correct charger for your car. We hope that our information will help you understand what goes into charging an electric car at home.