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How did adam and eve populate the earth?

How did adam and eve populate the earth?

According to Jewish, Islamic  and Christianity, Adam and Eve were the first person on the planet Earth. Not only these religions accept this fact, but they also state that the human race is their descendant. The purpose of creation of Adam and Eve was to populate the earth, take care of God's creations, and develop a bond with him.


The meaning of Adam and Eve in Hebrew Adomah means "Man" and "Life".  More details about Adam and Eve can be found in Genesis 1:26 to Genesis 5:5. In Genesis chapter 2 and 3 is the story of Adam and Eve revealed.  Chapter 2 is focused on their creation, whereas Chapter 3 is about their fall and punishment.

How Adam and Eve were created?

According to Bible, God created man from the dust present in ground, keeping in mind His image. Then he filled life into him in a personal way and named him Adam. Later the God decided to bring him companionship as he felt that Adam was lonely.

According to Bible, God made Adam fall into deep sleep and then cut the Adam open and formed a women from his rib, thereby performing the first ever surgery. The women was named Eve.

The purpose why God created  Adam and Eve was for his pleasure and they were intimately connected with each other.  They were simply not the creatures which God spoke into existence.


How did Adam and Eve populate the earth without inbreeding?

The legend states that God provided Adam and Eve a beautiful garden named Eden in which they were supposed to live. The garden possessed all the fruits and vegetables which they can enjoy.There were many fruits and plants present there which were supposed to satisfy their hunger.

But God had asked them not to eat fruit from one tree as it was Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If both of them eat fruit from tree, they will die according to God.

According to Bible, devil entered into a serpent present in the garden, tempted and convinced Eve to doubt God's words. He told her that she will possess the same level of knowledge much like God if she ate the fruit. She plucked the fruit from the tree and ate it and shared it with Adam also. The very next second, both of them realized they have committed a sin.


The God decided to punish all the three creatures. His work would become hard and toilsome after the curse. To eve he told that woman will bear children with great pain.

How did the earth populate from Adam and Eve?

The reason for the curse was that Lord planned that Adam and Eve will have children because he discussed about woman and man leaving father and mother for their marriage. It was considered as a prediction for future generations, which meant that God had intentions to come with time and his curse will have implications on Earth.

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