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Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai 2023

Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai 2023

If you think the Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai is like a festival, you may need to learn what it is. Tamilnadu is a place that is blessed with an abundance of nature and is something quite a tourist spot. Adding to the beauty, the state also organizes International festivals, and one such event is the Tamil Nadu International balloon festival. What is it? Well, let's find out:


Chennai hot air balloon festival is a great event organized by the government each year. This year it was held from 13 to 15 January 2023 in the Shakti Mills ground Jeeva Nagar, in Pollachi town of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is a festival filled with thrill as tourists witness several hot air balloons lining high in the sky from different parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Canada, Spain, Thailand, and many more.

What can you expect at the Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai?

This hotel balloon festival in Chennai offers more than just a Grand hot air balloon; it is being organized by collaborating with the state tourism department and the global media box.

An Exciting Balloon Ride:

One of the major attractions of this event is the balloon right that balloon enthusiasts can truly enjoy by discovering and participating in the hot air ballooning event. If you are willing to experience the ride for the first time, then this is the event you should count on.

Performances and Musical Concerts:

If you are up for a great music event and a fantastic performance by professional and talented dancers and popular bands, then your carnival spirit can be satisfied with the performances and musical concert at the International balloon festival Chennai. You can expect a great concert by Rajesh Vaidya and other Kerala-based music groups.


Activities and Games:

If you like to indulge in games and other activities, this is the best event you can ever attend, as there will be some gaming boots at the event that you can join and play games to test your skill in games.

A Kids Zone:

For those coming with the kids no need to worry as this event will keep your kids busy with the amazing stalls where kids can play games and have fun while you have yours by attending the balloon festival.

Things to know before attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai:


  • Individuals above 12 need to buy their passes, and the passes, including the VIP, are nonrefundable.
  • It is to be noted that it is a balloon festival, at the timings of the event may vary as per the weather condition and wind flow.
  • The event will start at noon and close by 10:00 p.m. each day after the event.
  • Any individual can be the night to enter the premises if disrespectful or unruly behaviour is noticed without compensation or refund.
  • The promoter and organizer can change the timings or cancel the event if conditions are not in control or other factors require the event to halt.
  • Everyone must cooperate with the security check, and items such as explosive recording devices and weapons are strictly prohibited.

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Balloon Festival Chennai Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai

How you can reach the Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai:

If you are up for the event, here are certain Ways You Can reach the Pollachi town of Coimbatore, a serene place blessed with nature. You can reach there easily as Pollachi town is well connected with Coimbatore so you should reach Coimbatore first to travel to Pollachi.

Reach by Air:

You can reach Pollachi by air as the Coimbatore International Airport is only 50 km away from Pollachi town, so you can hire a cab or come by public transport.

Reach by Train:

If you are planning a train journey, you must reach the Podanur function railway station, which is only 39 km away from Pollachi town, so you can hire a cab or public transport to reach the town.

Reach by Road:

If you are up for a road journey, it is good news that Pollachi town is well connected with National Highways and roads so that you can get there by car.

So now that you know how to reach this thrilling event, all you need to do is get your parcel to sign up for a 3-day thrill ride with unlimited music, dance and fun at Hot Air Balloon Festival Chennai!