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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nagpur

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nagpur

Planning a visit to Nagpur? How about exploring the haunted places in the city?

Famously known as the city of oranges, Nagpur is famous for its rich culture, friendly people, and moreover, unique people, but the most desired tourist spot is the haunted places in nagpur maharashtra. From scenic landscapes to historical monuments, there are lots of places to visit and enjoy in Nagpur. If you are real horror story lover, then Nagpur should be in your bucket list. You might find these horror places normal during the daytime, but if you visit them during night, then you must strengthen up your heart and soul.


Which are the top haunted places in Nagpur?

People in Nagpur have encountered several ghostly figures for quite some time. Many people had encountered several spine-chilling experiences that sent shivers down through the spine of people. That’s why it is said that visitng haunted places in nagpur maharashtra is not suitable for people with weak hearts.

In this blog, we have listed down the most haunted place in nagpur. So, brace yourself up for scrolling through the list of haunted places in Nagpur. Here we go:

  1. Amravati Highway: If you have any plans to drive late at night through Amravati Highway, then you must possess a strong heart. Many people who were driving on the highway late night have reported seeing various strange figures. Spooky isn’t it!! The highway is one of the most haunted place in nagpur. According to some people, they have seen some spirits, whereas some have encountered foggy looking figures.
  2. Parsi graveyard: If you are looking for haunted places in nagpur maharashtra, then Parsi graveyard is one of the most common answers you will hear from the people. People who visited the graveyard had reported serious illness which they suffered for weeks. The most haunting thing about the place is that people who visited there reported hearing a mysterious sound, which was followed by a human-like spirit. The people who have visited the place have reported to get maddened as they are unable to forget that eerie sound.
  3. Dev Nagar: The reason why this place is counted among the most haunted place in nagpur is because the building was constructed over a graveyard about 20-25years ago. Even though, today it is counted as a fancy building in Nagpur, but still many people who resided there felt the spirits of the dead people. The reason why it is considered a haunted place is because many families who resided there had encountered paranormal experience.
  4. Wardah rail track:   If you wish to experience spine chilling encounters, then Warda rail track is your destination then. Being considered as one of the most haunted places in nagpur maharashtra, the place is haunted by a young girl’s spirit who was raped at the place long time back. Many visitors have claimed that they heard a sound of girl screaming which gave them goosebumps, and if you are planning to shut your ears, it will be of no help.
  5. Ramtek: If you believe in jadu-tona, vashikaran, and other forms of black magic, then you must visit Ramtek. In the ramtek area, there is a tree which is considered to be the home of black magic. According to many beliefs, if anyone visits the place during night, they are bound to get possessed by the evil spirits as they wander freely in the night. No wonder, why this place is among most haunted place in nagpur.
  6. Shukrawar talav: Wondering why the serene Shukrawar talav is considered to be one of the most haunted places in nagpur maharashtra. This 275-year-old lake is one of the famous spots for committing suicides. Every year many people commit suicide here as there is presence of evil black magic that compels people to commit suicide. Because of this, the lake is surrounded by iron railings to prevent the suicide rate.
  7. Bhander forest:  It is believed that the forest is haunted by ghosts and spirits of blood thirsty animals. Presence of wild animals and the weird size of trees make it to be counted as one of the most haunted places in nagpur.
  8. Dayan ka ghar: This house near Amravati Road is famously known as dayan ka ghar. According to some sources, an old lady used to reside in that house and after a passage of time, she started kidnapping children. When the nearby residents heard of this fact, they burnt the entire house along with the lady. The reason why the house is among one of the most haunted places in nagpur maharashtra is because it is believed that the evil spirit of that women still haunts the residents of that area.
  9. Wadi house: Wadi house is one of the most haunted place in nagpur according to many locals. A minor girl was raped in this house and she died after a few months as she couldn’t bear this brutal shock. If you ever visit the place, you will feel the rise in your heartbeat, and will feel strange sensations in your stomach when you see a girl sitting in corner of road, crying and begging for help.
  10. AH 43: If you love driving on highways, then you must surely visit AH43, one of the most haunted places in nagpur maharashtra. Many drivers who were driving on the highway have confessed seeing a beautiful women wearing a white dress, holding a candle, standing in the middle of the road. When any car approaches, she disappears all of a sudden. Spooky!!

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There is no denying in the fact that Nagpur is a natural wonder as well as nightmare for many. In this blog, we have discussed about most haunted places in nagpur maharashtra and the reasons why they are considered to be haunted. Despite many haunted stories, attached with these places, these places have become a major tourist attraction for the local residents and tourists who have desire to witness paranormal experience in their lives.